Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Reaction Innovations Trixie Shark.. a bait you wont see on Shark week!

Reaction Innovation.. these guys have been around for awhile now and really made there name on products like the big and littler dipper (two baits I love!). That being said many of their baits are hard to find in my area, and the ones I can find I usually have no interest in using.. the Trixie Shark has been on my hit list for awhile and last week when I walked into a local bait shop I found 2 packs of this shark (both in white) and could not resist the urge to buy them.. even at a whopping $7.99 a pack.


the Trixie shark has a long slender frame with slight fins/wings on the side and a shark like fin on top. It moves well in the water and the legs kick very well. I do like the back fin on the frog as it allows for a good weedless retrieve. the hook stays put.

In open water is where you will find success with this bait. It autumn now and with the vegetation dying off I have started to buzz this frog in and around cover. Over deeper pockets and off to the side of live vegetation have proven successful.

this bait does get the fish angry. the legs move very well and I had multiple blow-ups within minutes of throwing the bait.


the body consistency is very soft, the damage seen on the below image was caused by the first blow up. The body has a slight tear and the legs have begun the deteriorate. This is looking like a one fish kinda bait. I found it hard to get good hook placement in this frog. no matter where the hook was placed the frog would spin or veer off to the left or right.

The material used is not the best for dragging a frog over thick cover and/or pads. It seems to be a bit sticky, and the cuts in the legs also grab onto the pads and force you to pull more then reel.

Weapons of Choice:

because I throw this frog in very little cover, or around cover, I like to go with a longer rod with a good tip. Again for this frog I use a Dobyns 805CB RM, yep it is a crank rod, but it is perfect for this technique

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