Wednesday, October 19, 2011

TGF.. Gone but not forgotten

Terry Ronald Sweet
Oct 14th 2011

Second only to my passion for Bass fishing is my passion for ice fishing. For just over 6 years now that passion has become an addiction and as autumn turns to winter this BassJunky quickly becomes an IceJunky.

Back in 2005 I would have considered myself a newbie to the world of ice fishing and I joined a forum called . Within a few days of posting a quickly bonded with a fellow Canadian member named TGF for "Terry Gone Fishing". Terry although settled in BC had some family in my area of Ontario and we quickly became friends.

A few days ago now I got word of Terry's untimely passing. Shocked and saddened I took to the keyboard and spread my condolences with the rest of the IS members. Many of us had Terry stories to tell and images to share of his crazy antics on the ice. Terry had two things he enjoyed doing while on the ice, once was showing off his famous glass eye and the other was kissing/biting those ugly burbot he loved to chase. Always zany, always smiling, Terry was a true ambassador to the sport of ice fishing. Although he kept it quiet Terry spent some time on the Canadian Ice fishing team and got to do some traveling for the sport he loved. He taught me a lot in a short period of time (convinced me to buy my first marmish rod)

Without a doubt the IS forums and the world of ice fishing lost a friend this past week. Im sure going to miss that one eyed, fish kissing fool. this place wont be the same without him.

Here's hoping there is always a place to fish buddy..


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  1. Terry was a terrific guy. Although I never met him in person or fished with him, I was able to talk to him through Iceshanty's chat feature on many an occasion. My condolences go out to his family. We all loved him on IS and he will definitely be missed. Thanks for the tribute Rob.