Friday, October 7, 2011

Z Man brings their A game when it comes Frogs

I have been sitting on this review for awhile now, it is parts of the lost last days of summer. I was at the family cottage near the bankroft area and was running low on my go to frog baits. With still 6 solid days of fishing ahead of me, not to mention a two day tournament I headed into the small town to see what the local bait shops had to offer.

The selves were not exactly loaded with options, but this Zman quickly caught my eye. It was a frog I had been meaning to order on line, but had not yet had the chance. So I scooped up a couple packs, headed back to the lake and quickly tied on one.


Im going to start off by saying, I like this frog. It has a nice kicking motion in the water without over churning. It moves well in open water and across the pads. The elastic body is very durable and holds up well to the abuse the fish will put it through during a fight. On the pause this frog will float (even when using larger hooks), the entire body sits flat on the water in a neutral position giving the fish a great profile to stare down

I like the color selection offered here, it is not huge, but a good mix of natural colors and many with white bellys, and a bit of red as a kicker.


Package size is the first con I see to this bait, they come in 3 to a pack, I know these things are built tuff, but I still want to think Im getting my moneys worth. I dont need an 8 count bag, but give me 5 at least!

When looking to place an order on line I noticed that tacklewarehouse has a disclaimer on all Zman plastic baits it reads.. "dont mix Zman elastic baits with standard plastic baits" Im not sure what this means. I was unable to find similar info on the Zman website and for fear of an explosion Im not brave enough to mix these baits with any of my other plastics.. Anyone else know why?

Overall this frog was one of my favorite finds of the 2011 season, it may not be new, but is was new to me, and I had a lot of fun fishing it. This is an early fish caught with the zman hard legged frog. I dont know if they are readily available near you, if not jump on line and give these a try.

Weapons of Choice:

the soft flexible, stretchy plastic make these a very light bait. I like to use a longer rod then usual when throwing them, and went with a Dobyns 805 CB RM, yes this is a cranking rod, but the it is built perfect for this presentation. Long rod, mod/fast tip and some nice back bone

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  1. Rob, I've never mixed them, but have used the Strike King Elaztech baits. I think that they cause a chemical reaction and they may melt in your box. I've been too chicken to see if that is what happens, so I keep them separate.