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5 Canadian Fishing Bait/Lure Companies that deserve your business

I often hear and take part in conversations with  fellow anglers who nonchalantly throw around comments like "you gotta support your local shops and dealers" and although I agree with this sentiment, I think they are missing a major part of this statement, and that is we need to look at more then  just "shopping local", we need to "Buy Local"

Whats the difference? Well shopping local is just that, it means giving your hard earned cash to the local stores that help keep your community running (and gives you a place to hang out and talk fishing) This is a good thing! . Whereas "Buying Local" is all about buying products that are made locally in Province/State or at the very least your Country.

And let me stop you here... before you start typing that email or comment in the comment section  explaining to me all the reasons you cant "buy local". I get it, there is not exactly a large number of Canadian Bait/Lure companies banging out a full range of products, but there are some, some damn good actually, and they deserve the chance to get our business (money) just as much as the big boys do's.

So to help do my part, here are 5 Canadian Companies, that deserve your business (in no particular order)

1) BassMagnet Lures

You might remember I did a small piece on Bass Magnet Lures last season (found HERE). They are an Ontario based company that has been knocking our quality baits for over 10 years now.. yes 10 years!

They have built their business and good name on quality soft plastic baits and excellent customer service. They have booths set up in a variety of sportsman shows all over  Ontario in which their ever growing pro staff and owners are on hand to show off the baits and field questions and comments from the angels using their products.

As an example of how well they listen to their customers: Last year they launched their own version of the Alabama Rig (I bought one) but over the course of the Toronto Sportsman Show and the Outdoors Show they got a ton of feedback from anglers who did not want to see this product on the market.. so what did they do? they pulled it. Yes this company spent time and money having an Alabama rig built only to stop selling it to please their fan base.. Now thats listening to your customers

The products themselves are high quality, I personally use a variety of their baits, including the Quiver Stick (a senko), their Flippin Tube,  and the Shift'r Shad a ribbed swim-bait that works well on my now rare and collectable  Bass Magnet Lure Umbrella Rig

To Check out their full line-up go to: http://www.bassmagnetlures.com

And if you like what you see, be sure to swing by their Facebook page (HERE)  and hit the "Like Button"

2) LunkerHunt

You may not have heard of LunkerHunt baits prior to this past July (2012) when they shocked a good portion of the Industry by winning the 2012 ICAST award for Best Soft Baits with their Bento Baits a absolutely killer drop shop minnow

How  many other Canadian companies can call themselves ICAST best in show winners? Hell many of the top dogs in the industry are still alluded by this honour

I didn't add LunkerHunt to this article based off their ICAST win (although it didn't hurt) I put them here more for their "Edu-Kits",  a line of baits/techniques that was developed as a teaching aid to help expand the skill sets of all levels of angler. There are over 20 varieties of Edu-Kit currently available, each one comes with all the tools needed to perform a specific techniques, along with a booklet waling you through the process and set-up.. This is a great aid for young angler or those just starting out, it takes the guessing out of what size weight or hook they should buy and it helps gain confidence in a bait they would not normally use.

  Outside of the Edu-Kits LunkerHunt has a pretty wide selection of baits, I personally use both the Revealer and 4" Double Dip Tubes along with the Spicy Bites a scent ball that you insert in the tubes (garlic). Their Lunker Sticks are a quality senko style bait with great color choices, and this year they have added a very unique hollow body frog call the Lunker Frog that I have on order and cant wait to review for the Frog Pond.

To Check out LunkerHunts website http://www.lunkerhunt.com to see their full line of baits, and locate  a dealer near you.

If you are a social media junky (like me) be sure to head over to their Facebook Page (HERE) and click like if you want to be kept up to date on products and promotions.

3) The Perfect Jig

Like with many fishing lure companies the Perfect Jig was founded by a Fisherman in search of the perfect bait, and when he couldn't find it, he just went out and made it, thus "the Perfect Jig"

With a crazy assortment of jig and colour options the Perfect Jig will have what your looking, but if they don't, thats Ok, all you have to do is ask!

thats right although they shelve multiple lines of "perfect jigs" they also know that what they find perfect is not always what you may find perfect, so they give you the option of a completely custom jig, from the skirt strands to the make and style of hook, you want it, you got it

That being said their everyday line-up includes some pretty impressive jigs... , The Arky a round headed flipping/pitching jig (3 sizes, 12 colours) a Mini or finesse Jig (3 sizes, 5 Colours), the Stand-Up Jig is their version of a football jig in which the hook acts as advertised and stands straight up (4 Sizes, 5 Colours), the SwimJig is a traditional aerodynamic jig that moves very well through the water (4 colours, 4 sizes) and finally a Mop Jig (2 sizes, 4 Colours)

These truly are a quality jig, and if you are currently buying yours elsewhere, do your self a favor and at-least check these guys out at: http://www.theperfectjig.ca

to see more reviews on the Perfect Jig from the likes of BassEast and RAHFISH you can check out  their Facebook page (HERE)

4) XZone Lures

If imitation is truly the most sincere form of flattery, then XZone should truly feel special as their Slammer baits have been knocked off by more then just one of their competitors.

XZone originally started out with one bait.. yes one.. the Slammer , a Great Lakes fish slayer this drop shop bait brought monster smallie after monster smallie to the scales all across southern Ontario. Thus the  demand increased, and so did the demand for more bait options.

So XZone obliged and introduced the Swammer, a paddle tailed bigger brother to the slammer, this bait added more beef and more kick. Now on top of a stellar drop shot bait, XZone now had a killer swimbait that still could be drop shot as well as thrown on a jig head.

Other baits began to follow, including a smaller drop shot minnow bait "The Shiver Shad" as well as the wacky leech (the only product in the line that Im not a fan of).

The current dealer list is long, and includes many of Canada's biggest fishing tackle retailers, as well as a few notable American Companies.  Like The Perfect Jig and Bass Magnet Lures, XZone staffers and owners are accessible, at shows and on the water, if you want to learn more, be sure to check out their website: http://w.xzonelures.com

This is where I would normally state "Like their Facebook Page" but since it has not been updated since November 2012, I don't think you will get much from it.. oh what the hell.. click HERE

5) Freedom Tackle Corp

Freedom Tackle Corp, may be the youngest of the the companies listed here, but their future is definitely bright. With testimonials coming in from Canadian fishing legends like Gord Pyzer (In-Fisherman Magazine) and  TV Host Charlie Wray (FishFull Thinking), the team at Freedom are really making their presence felt.

Freedom Tackle Coprs current success and name is being built on their line of patented jig heads that they are calling "live action hybrid jigs". Designed for improved motion in the water, and less spit hooks, the Hybrid Jig has a detachable hook that swings loose when attached the a jig head. The heads, hooks and skirts are interchangeable and allow the angler to adapt to the changing conditions and the bite. For those of us use to tying directly to a hook, this may take some getting use to (and some trust) as the wire that holds the hook in place also needs to hold up during battle.

I personally have not used Freedom's baits, but I have held a few in my hands and do plan to snap up their Stealth, Rogue and Zodiac jigs

As mentioned, this company is young and growing. To learn more, you can check out their website: http://www.freedomlures.com/ (lots of pics and videos) and of course "like" their Facbook page (HERE)

So that's that, 5 Canadian Bait/Lure companies doing good work in the Fishing Lure/Bait Industry. I hope you take a moment to check them out, and give some of their products a test drive.

PS: I would be remiss if I did not include an honourable mention to "The Rod Glove" although not a bait/lure company, they are one of Canada's premier fishing run companies making a huge splash in both Canada and the US. If you are not already protecting you gear with a Rod Glove you need to check 'em out, HERE is their Facebook page, give it a "like"

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