Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dustin's Corner: The Rod Recap

Well its that time of year again where everything is being looked at and broken down to make sure the 2013 season will go without a flaw!(fingers crossed).  In my last post I reviewed some basic rod cleaning, and this time I am going over my entire rod arsenal, and the great support I get being part of the Dobyn's Team!

I joined the Dobyn's Pro Staff team in 2011 and do not regret one minute of it.  We are all like one big family, and all have one thing in common (we love to catch fish..primarily bass).  So since 2011 I have started my little collection of Dobyn's Rods which includes all the different levels, from the Savvy Series to the Champion Extreme and all of them have upheld to very hard conditions.  The only issue I have ever come across was breaking one tip off (due to mainly to user error) And thats how I learned to  put all the rods in The Rod Gloves even though they go into a rod locker.

This is my collection of Dobyn's so far, 12 rods strong, and more to come this year!

Casting:Champion Extreme 743C, 
Coalition 735C & 734C,
Champion Series 765CB,735C,733C,703C,
Savvy Series 733C.

Coalition Series 704SF, 703SF
Savvy Series 703SF, 693SF.

I can honestly say that all of these rods have been put through rigorous testing,abuse,weather elements, just about anything thrown at them, and they all hold STRONG!

This year I will be adding 2 more rods to the collection which will include a new 702SF(spinning) and a new 763C(casting).

When Gary builds a rod, he sure does know what he is doing from the quality and durability to the finish of the rods, they are far superior than anything else I have used!

So if you are interested in a rod, don't hesitate to ask myself or Rob any questions, and if we don't have a answer for you, we will work as hard as we can to get one for you as we are part of the Dobyn's family. To learn more check out the all  new website at for the full selection of these weapons!

Also keep an eye for theNew Roads Fishing Team Truck as it has the Dobyn's logo's all around it.

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