Friday, April 26, 2013

Numa Sunglasses Wear to Win Program 2013

First off, let me state that you will require no incentive to wear Numa Sunglasses, once  you try on your first pair you will full understand what all the hype is about. They are light weight, crystal clear and tough as nails.. But hey if you are looking for that added bonus, then check out the Wear to Win program for 2013

If you are a register angler in any of the above events and place in the top 3, you are eligible for cash and or product prizes. The list is growing, I know I will personally be fishing in 6 of the event listed above and without a doubt will have my Numa's on

Remember: if you are fishing any of these events.. register you Numa glasses so you dont miss out

to learn more about Numa and their products click HERE

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