Friday, June 8, 2012

Screaming Eagle Spinnerbaits, small, tough and loud!

Spinnerbaits seem to be a staple in the arsenal of the Pro and Amateur alike. They can be thrown in so many different conditions and in and around most types of structure. They are fish catching machines, and unlike most baits, they are fully customizable.. so why do I (and many others) have such a hard time gaining confidence in these baits? 

One could argue that there is more video coverage and magazine coverage on fishing a spinnerbait then any other bait on the market today, yet no matter how much I read or watch I at times feel lost on the water, That is until recently.

This past off season I followed a thread on that focused on the best spinnerbaits on the market today and what makes them great. After reading page after page of info I noticed a bit of a pattern.. War Eagle Spinnerbaits, popped up again and again. I will be honest this is a bait I had previously overlooked as in today's world of highly realistic baits the War Eagle line is pretty stripped down (many of the bait have unpainted heads). Needless to say I decided to place an order for a bunch of War Eagle baits that covered everything in their line from their Trokar equipped series all the way down to their finesse sized bait. 

A week later, when my LBF order of War Eagle baits arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by products high level of quality, from the head to skirt, these baits stand up against any other spinner bait you have tied on. (believe me, I have tried every line I can think of)

 In my eyes, the Screaming Eagle series stood out from the rest and quickly became a favorite of mine, it's 1/2oz body is hidden well in the frame of a 1/4oz spinner bait. I love the smaller profile and the ability to slow roll and burn this little baby back to the boat. The long tail acts like a trailer and also hides a trailer hook well without disrupting the baits action. Although I originally saw it as a deterrent I love the non-painted heads on these baits, coming in both gold and silver, the head of the bait holds up much better then even the strongest of paints and shows it battle scars with pride.

The Top image on this blog is an up close and personal look at an unpainted screaming eagle head. I spent 4 days with that exact bait and dragged it over some serious rocks, beat it off all kinds of lumber and hooked into multiple 4lb and larger fish. It ran true longer and better then any other bait I have throw to-date. The compact body was a pleasure to throw and allowed me to get extra distance with less splash down and drag on the retrieve. I never took this spinnerbait off my line all weekend long, and fished it both in shallow and deep water (I love shallow water spinner baiting!) 

PS: As a back up to my Screaming Eagle, I have been carrying the War Eagle Finesse spinnerbait. This little guy is  only available in 3/16 and 5/16 versions and is the perfect snack size bait for the tuff bite.

As mentioned above I have had a hard time finding a spinnerbaits that I can throw comfortably, I seemed to continuously struggle to find the perfect balance between the weight Im comfortable with (1/2oz), and the drag caused by larger baits with larger blades. I want a spinnerbait that I can easily flip/pitch or cast into tight corners and get immediate pick-up once the reel is engaged. The Screaming Eagle provides me with both of these, and with it added to my arsenal I will not hesitate to go into my bag and pull out a spinnerbait from time to time.

Weapon Of Choice:

The Dobyns DX742 is the perfect rod for these two spinnerbaits. It us deadly accurate and has the perfect balance of tip and backbone to allow you to set the hook without ripping it out of the fishes mouth.

I have paired the DX742 with a Daiwa Zillion. This reel is at the high end of my price range as I dont like to spend more then $300 on a reel. But it is the perfect partner for the DX742 and I could not be happier with them as a combo.

Line choice for spinnerbait fishing is SunLine Super Sniper, that stuff is tuff, but pretty supple. I get great casting distance and no issues pulling fish out of cover.

All of my Spinnerbaits are white skirted, again, Im new to this but I have had much more success with white skirts then with any other color. I like the war eagle baits with silve and copper blades, they give off great flash and really draw the fish in.

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