Friday, June 1, 2012

Fear & Loathing on the Tournament Trail 2012

The countdown clock has officially kicked into high gear, with the calender now reading June, it is time to focus on the opening of Bass season and of course a wild start to the 2012 Tournament season.

As with last season Dustin and I will be fishing in the BBTS, a small tournament series out of Bancroft, Ontario. The series consists of 5 events including some pretty high caliber lakes such as Jacks Lake in Apsley, Weslemkoon in Gilmour, and Paudash in Bancroft. (to name a few)

Last season was a very successful year for the BBTS that not only included a record 24lb bag for the team that eventually went on to win the series, but it also included a new record for "big fish" a monster 6.8lb Largemouth caught during the Jacks lake event (pic below).

As we gear up to that first blast off, I thought I would share some pics from the 2011 BBTS season...


2011's team of the year, was a father and son combo of Randy and Jason Fransky, they whupp'd some serious bass and won the series with just under 80lbs for the 5 events.


When competitors were not talking about the 24lb bag brought in on the Koon, they were talking about this 6.8lb monster largemouth that was caught by Terry Lucas during the jacks Lake event. This baby help boost Terry and his partner to 1st place in that event, along with the big fish money.

The BBTS series is a great event, and there is a high level of competition from a wide range of anglers. The 2011 series included Father and Son combo's as well as a Husband and wife team. There were some awesome fish weighed in at each event and it was a great way to start my tournament life (this was my first complete series)

If you still dont have the itch, here are some more great pics from the 2011 BTTS!

If you are interested in fishing in one or more of the BTTS events on 2012, be sure to check out the website and register here.. spots are getting rare, but I know there are a few openings.

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