Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fear & Loathing on the BBTS: Weslemkoon 2012

(Vince Yonemitsu)

Well, I will be honest here, this post has taken me a couple more days to write then it probably should have. I can blame it on a number of things, but what it really comes down to is that Dustin and I took a shit kicking on the Koon this past weekend.. On a lake we consider our "home lake" in the BBTS series, we placed 19th the worst ranking in our short tournament careers. 

Like most anglers we like to figure out what went wrong, and although I would love to sit here and tell you that it was a change in the weather, or the high pressure the lake saw on Saturday (Bass Season Opener), I cant, simply put the other anglers taking part in the event just out-fished us, there is nothing more I can say.. all that means is that on July 15th, we need to bring our "A" game, we are behind the gun now and have some serious ground to make up if we want to contend for the team of the year

Now that Im done my mini rant, lets get on to some guys that actually caught some fish, and collected paychecks.

The winning team brought in a healthy 16.26lbs bag of fish, and easily took home 1st place beating the next closest team by just under 2lbs... congrats guys

(Brad Badeau & Gord Tucker)

2011 Team of the year winners Randy and Jason Fransky also had a good day on the water bringing in a bag just over 12lbs, good for 6th place. They were the team with the target on their back all day as last year they weighed in an new series record of 24lbs (approx) on Weslemkoon

(Team Fransky)

If you want to look for a team that made a huge leap in the standings look no further then Derick Tompkins and Shane Crumb, their 14.3lb bag was good enough for 4th place and was a drastic improvement over the 4lbs they weighed in last year on Weslemkoon.

(Shane Crumb & Derick Tompkins)

Tournament organizer Braind Stubbings and his partner Tom Allen also had a nice day finishing up with 11.74lbs.

Big fish of the day went to the Hockey connection, Chicago Blackhawk Brian Bickell and his partner (former Peterborough Pete) Justin Caruana brought in a sweet 5.54lb largemouth. 

(Brian Bickell & Justin Caruana)

You may remember this face from last year, and if you dont, let me refresh your memory, Terry Lucas landed a 6.85lbs large mouth during the Jacks lake event. Here he is again showing off a nice Weslemkoon smallmouth, (as you can see it was a bit wet out there)

(Terry Lucas)

Alright thats it for the fish pics, but keep scrolling for more scenery and behind the scenes look at the first event of the BBTS season...

Next Up: Jacks Lake July 15th

If you want to follow the progress on the BBTS site, it can be found here. There are still some team openings for some of the events, so be sure to check it out

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