Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lake Fork tackles a Frog trailer hook.. The Frog Tail Hook

If you read this blog on any regular basis you know that I strive to find and test new gear.. more importantly new Frog gear. Well this past weekend while in Gagnons sports in Oshawa I finally got my hands on the new Lake Fork Frog Tail Hook, and I could not wait to get back here to show it off to you all.

I have been eying this baby up since it's introduction into the market place last season and I was happy to finally see one up close and personal. The Tail hook is made up of a 2/0 Gamakatus wide gap hooks attached to a pair of spring like eyelets. The eyelets allow you to slide the hook over most Hollow bodied frog hooks and they act very similar to a spinnerbait trailer hook. This third hook hangs back from the frogs body staying clear of the frogs original double hook and it gives you some added length/security for days when the fish are just slapping at your frog and not inhaling it.

After a brief once over this appears to be a quality product, and it slides off and on most frogs very easily.. yes you will need to move the legs strands around a bit, but overall this is pretty painless. The hook stands out from the body (on some frogs it will hang down slightly) and it sits perfectly straight staying above the water/weed line. Dont get me wrong. this will effect how weedless your frog runs, as you now have a 3rd hook point with no protection from the body of the frog, if you frog lands up side down or catches a raised edge, you may get hung up.. but thats the price you pay when adding an extra hook point.
Once the season gets going here I will provide you a full review of this product on the Frog Pond, but for for now, just wanted to show off this cool little add on that really should help you improve your hook-up ration when frog fishing.
If you want to get your hands on one for a test drive, you can find these babies on-line direct from Lake Fork Tackle as well as my personal fav site.. Land Big Fish. I bought mine locally and paid the price for sure. Local shop sold them for $8.99 (2 pack) thats at least $3 higher then on-line retailers)

In case your interested in seeing if these hooks will work with your favorite frog, Here is the short list of frogs that I personally apply it to


Booyah Pad Crasher
Deps (Slither K)*
Evolve Nervous Walker
Jackall Iobee
LiveTarget Hollow Body (55T)
Scum Frog (Original Series)
Snag Proof (Pro Series)
Strike King KVD Sexy Frog

Would Not Fit:

Live Target (65T)
Snag Proof (Ish)
Spro (Bronze eye Jr.)
Optimum Furbit

* Although the hook fit on the Deps Slither frog it may effect the frogs motion in the water

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