Monday, June 11, 2012

Quinte Bass Champs: 100 Teams and Counting

This event may be hands down the most exciting fishing related event on my calendar this season. We are talking about 100+ boats, over 200 anglers headed off onto the Bay of Quinte in search of 1 big fish. Not hoping to scratch a limit, just one big bite to get a paycheck.

If you have not heard (or registered) for the Quinte Bass Champs event, then I dont know where you have been hiding. It has been the talk of many a fishing board, and with over 100 teams already registered from all over Ontario, I know the word is out.

This tournament format is very popular South of the boarder, and was made even more popular with the WFN show "Skeeter bass Champs". The rules are simple, anglers get the opportunity to weigh in a fish each and every hour of the event, and the largest fish on the scale for each hour earns the angler a cool $1,000. Thats right, one bite can equal one grand, but this it is not as easy as it seems, this is a game of chance, and there is some strategy required, you will want to keep your eyes on the scale, as there is no sense letting your 5lb beauty get beat by a 5.10lb fish in hours one, only to watch a 3lb fish take the cash in hour 2.

Personally Im very excited about the event, and Im counting the days. My partner and I registered early, which is nice, since launch number is based on registration order. Lucky #19 in our case. The only downfall to this tournament, other then the line up at the launch, is that it is Largemouth only.. the Bay of Quinte is notorious for its giant bronze backs, so it will be interesting to see what size largies take home the cash.

If you have yet to register there may still be some time, check out the above poster for registration info. If you cant fish the event, be sure to at least check out the Twitter page, where the weights of each fish will be posted all day long.!/quintebasschamp


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