Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gene Larew Three Legged Frog.. Now with a little more kick

With the bass season fast approaching I have been slowly building back up my arsenal in preparation for my second full season as a tournament angler, and if there's one thing that I burn through every year, it's frogs. So when Tackle Warehouse decided to put my fav soft plastic frog on sale, I though I would take advantage and order a wack of packs.

When they finally arrived, my openitious kicked in (a serious condition that forces me to open new  products immediately) and upon opening the box I was very surprised to see that each pack had a bright orange sticker stating "NEW"emblazoned on the front of the pack.. 

I thought to myself "this is not a new product?" but then I remembered reading about some changes that where on the way to the 2012 version of the Gene Larew 3 Legged frog.. curiosity and a mix of fear got the best of me and I had to rip open the pack to take a closer look (what if they ruined it?) 
And sure enough a change did occur, a metamorphosis if you will,  and my fast moving swim-frog now had a little more kick.. with the addition of a small round paddle to the end of each of those 3 perfect legs.

what does this mean to me? essentially the addition of the "paddles" is an attempt to turn a swimming frog into a buzz frog, and the reason I love this frog is because I prefer swimming frogs, and the Three legged frog is one of the best , I like a more subtle motion, less churn, and the ability to move over and around cover with ease.. will this change anything?

The short answer to that question is.. No

Overall I don't believe the small paddles will effect the frog all that much, yes, they will add a slight buzz to the movement, but not enough to drastically alter what I love about the frog, and certainly not enough to slow it down. (We we not talking about the same paddle feet seen on Gambler Cane toads or even Stanley Ribbits).

 And worst case scenario if I hate those little nubbs,  I can just slice them off, since it appears they have just added them to the standard legs they have always used.

I know, I know, change is a good thing, but not when it comes to your equipment. We have all heard stories of guys that buy out all the local tackle shops when they hear their favourite bait has been discontinued, but what do you do when it has been changed? simple, you do the only thing you can do.. fish it

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