Monday, March 12, 2012

Great Finds @ The Quinte Sportsman show

It has been a couple weeks since my stint at the Toronto Spring Fishing and Boat show, and the Toronto Sportsman Show is not until next weekend.. so what is a guy to do when he needs to get his fix? take in a local show of course! This past Saturday I decided to give my dad a call and see if he was interested in heading down to the Quinte Sportsman, Boat & RV show.. he was, so off we went. 

This show is celebrating it's 14th year and it was my 3rd time taking it in. I'll be honest I stopped attending about 3 years ago because the show was so small and with only one real fishing booth it was not worth the price of admission (or the 45 minute drive).. this year the event expanded and filled 4 buildings (rinks) way more then the single rink event I had attended in the past. With multiple fishing shops taking part, and a booth that looked to be filled with clearance or "buy outs" from Canadian and US retailers like Cabela's I knew there was deals to be found, or new gear to test.. here is what I found

Zoom Z Nail Worm

Part of the Zoom trick worm series, the Z nail is a bait I have never seen up close and personal prior to this weekend. With a long tapered body that is slightly segmented, this worm will definitely do some tricks in the water. Defined as a stick bait, Im looking forward to trying to fish this worm wacky, as well as breaking out the "J" rig. 

with a show price of under $3 a pack, I snagged a few 

Strike King Shadalicious 

This monster swim-bait has been on my radar for quite some time now, but not being an avid swim-bait guy, I was reluctant to shell out the $9.99 to $12.99 a pack these baits could be found for in many Ontario retailers.. but a show price of $5 persuaded me to take the plunge.  Time will tell if these see any use this coming season, but Im glad I got to strike them off my list without blowing the bank

Bass Magnet Lures

If you read this blog at all on a regular basis, you will have noticed that Im a fan of Bass Magnet lures. So I was excited to see a local retailer (Pro Advantage) had a bin full of BML product that they were selling for a price I could not refuse.. 3 packs for $10, I love a good bargin so scooping up some discontinued colors at a great price is just what I look for when attending a show. 

By the looks of it, I was not the only BML fan at the show, as it was a "use your elbows" event while trying to get in close to the bin. I picked up some tubes and some quiver sticks, both in colors I had never seen before. Im hoping the one is not a discontinued color as it sure is pretty

Well the damage was done, and I burnt through some cash. All in all it was a pretty good show, with a little something for everyone. I did not find anything mind blowing, but I did get to add two new products I have never tried (at show prices). And It was great to see how much the Quinte Sportsman show has grown, In past years I would spend 15-25 minutes at the show and this year we walked around for close to 2 hours.,  this time it wont be 3 more years till my next visit.

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