Thursday, March 15, 2012

A mouse and a weasel walk into a bar.....

Well just days after writing up my blog on my mini mouse collection, that collection grew.. this past weekend I added two more mice, or more accurately 1 mouse and a weasel?

The ZMan UltraMouse is made of the same crazy elaZtech material as all Zman baits, and comes pre-rigged with a 4/0 hook. Like with the UltraFrogz, the hook is not your standard EWG and does not have an hook eye, so it needs to be tied similar to a spinnerbait. You tie direct to a bend in the hook and will have to adjust it slightly as you go. 

The mouse itself is very durable, it can be stretched, prodded and pulled, but you better not store it with other soft plastics.. or your apt to loose them all... damn that alien elaZtech material

I enjoy fishing the Zman products, though they do take some getting use to. They are a bit lighter feeling on the rod, and the sticky material can cause friction when pulled over cover (pads, rocks or timber), but
with 6 colors to choose from and some great 3D eyes, this is a nice looking meal for a bass looking up

Now for The Weasel, a bait Im pretty sure is at the end of it's life span since I cant find it available from any major retailers, other the Mann directly.

This unusual frog/mouse bait is strange in the fact that it has a lip/bill, and as if that is not odd enough,  unlike other baits the bill is not a diving bill, but more used to impart erratic movement. The bill is hollow like the rest of the bait, and when you put pressure on the line the weasel wiggles, squirms and does a slight dive.

I have yet to fish with the weasel, but it appears to be built with the same quality standards of other Mann's products. The body is very soft, and the tail is made of a soft rubber that moves very well, but has enough stretch so it is not easily ripped from the body. There was not many color options available at the time of my purchase, so i went with the ugliest one they had

As I mentioned above this is not an easy product to find, and when you do it will be priced anywhere from $7.99 to $9.99.

Well, it appears that in stores just like in your house, the mice like to hide. I had been in this shop many times and had never come across these baits. Im glad I did, and I glad I was able to share them with you. If your interested in the weasel I would check it out quick, as I dont think it will be around much longer.

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