Sunday, March 25, 2012

Protect your Investment.. The Rod Glove has you covered

If you are anything thing like me, then you probably have hundreds if not thousands of dollars tied up in your rod and reel arsenal. That's right, that collection of sticks and metal can at times be worth more than your first car ( a Mercury Topaz in my case), yet many of us neglect to protect them on and off the water

As anglers we are constantly on the move transporting our rods/reels from house to truck to boat, and back again, over and over, day in and day out for 8 plus months a year. During that time your rod tips and or eyes are often scraped up or knocked off, and your reels begin to more and more like that old car of yours as the paint starts to scrape off.. also known as "boat rash". So what do you do, how do you protect your investment.. well that's easy.. The VRX family of products has got you covered

We have to start off at the top, with the product that really launched the line. The Rod Glove is in my opinion the best quality rod glove on the market today. There are many others that have tried to knock this baby off or duplicate it's success, but between product quality and selection, you wont find a better overall product then the Rod Glove and the price is highly competitive with the other lower end brands out there.

The Rod glove currently has a total of 15 color options and different 3 lengths/sized available in both Casting and Spinning models. And if you are looking for that specialized touch, they also will do custom branding. The selection truly is endless.

To give you the run down on my personal preference, I like to stay with the "standard" length for my spinning gear and the "shortie" and "standard lengths for my baitcasting rods. I find they leave just a little extra room between the bait glove and reel, so that you can keep larger baits tied on when without the Rod Glove getting in the way. Color options are easy.. I love that Dobyns Orange, and you cant do wrong with plain old black either.  If you want something with a little edge check out the Spyder or Stinger color options.

When it comes to rod production the Rod Glove has got your back both in and out of the boat. The slim design ensures your rods stay tangle free while giving protection to the eyelets and the rod tip.

Tip: If you are a Dobyns rod user, I recommend placing the foam tip that your rod came with into the tip of your rod glove. Not only does this add more cushion and protection to your rods tip, but if by chance a rod glove goes overboard, the foam tip will keep it afloat so you can go back after it

Ok, well now that we have your rod arsenal covered it is time to look at protecting those reels. The Reel Glove is a quality neoprene that is highly stretchable in all directions, and with  two available sizes it should cover all the baitcasting reels available on the market today.

This product is great for on the boat, while traveling or when putting the reels in storage for the off season. The stretchy shell will easily cover the entire reel while on or off the rod, and will protect it against nicks, scrapes and that nasty boat rash (there is no over-the-counter cream for that!)

Currently Reel Gloves are only available in bait casting sizes, but watch the VRX Facebook page as there has been some sightings of the new spinning reel version that should be hitting the market soon. Priced at $5.99 each a Reel Glove really is a no brainer, and is a cheap form of insurance keeping your investments looking  like new

We all do it, every Saturday morning or Friday night we pack the car or truck with 8 or 12 rod and reel combos while getting ready for our early start. We just toss them in, and try to keep them tight, but then as we get driving or round a sharp corner, all hell brakes loose and those 12 rods are pointing in 12 directions like a game of pick-up sticks gone wrong. That does not have to be the case...

The Rod Glove Wrapz are a great way to keep your rod arsenal organized while in transportation. The soft neoprene wraps are easy on your blanks and eyes, yet strong enough to keep everything held tightly together. Sold in packs of two (a 10" and a 15") they are designed to use one wrap around the top (or tip) of your rods, and the longer version goes down closer the the reel seat. This applies even pressure and ensures a tighter safer wrap.

I honestly don't leave home without these. By bundling my rods in groups of 4, and wrapping each bundle with a set of Rod Glove Wrapz, I can easily transport my rods from the house to the truck, and then stack them in the vehicle knowing that they will stay securing in place.. and out of my way.

So there you have it, 3 ways in which the Rod Glove family of products have you covered. This is some seriously cheap insurance on your very expensive investments, most of the above products will cost you less then 5% to 7% of the product you are protecting..  So take a minute to think it over, then pick yourself up some Rod Gloves so you and your gear are ready for this coming season

P.S..  I did not touch on another cool product in the VRX family, if you are looking for a great way to product your gear as well as keep those trebles under control, be sure to wrap your baits with a "bait glove"

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