Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stanley Ribbit, a triple threat in size and tactics

Here it is, the last frog review for the 2011 season. In my area the bass fishing has slowed to a crawl and although I try to get out as much as possible weather and work seem to get in the way. But I did manage to get one last test in on a frog that i think is pretty popular in the market place. When i asked around about frogs to try , the Stanley Ribbit came up on a regular basis.. so here goes.

The Stanley Ribbit comes in 3 sizes, the standard size is 3.5" and the bully comes in at 4.5". then the hot foot and floating models fall in between at 4". (For me the bully and the floaters caught my attention so thats what I purchased on my initial order). The Ribbet is priced right, at under $4 a pack for 5 baits you cant go wrong. They are tuff, durable and fish really well.

Bully Ribbit


I mentioned a few of the "pro's" to this bait in the above paragraph. It has a lot of perks I look for in a frog bait. It is durable, the rubber/plastic this frog is made from is very tuff, it holds up well for multiple fish and has a nice weight so it casts really well and gives you a nice splash and sit-down when in the water.

I like baits that can be fished a few different ways. Many frogs on the market rely on fishing them a certain way to be successful. Not the Ribbit.  The deign allows you to slow roll this bait along the edge of cover, to high speed burn/buzz it or to drag across the pads/slop

The size options are nice, and with three sizes it is hard to complain that you cant find the perfect one. I find the 3.5 a bit small for my liking and prefer the 4 and 4.5 inch models.

The color options available are also pretty unique, especially when you get into the floating models. There are a ton of options many of which come with a white belly, something i have a hard time not buying when i see it. 

Floating Ribbit


Not allot to talk about when it comes to cons with the Stanley Ribbit. They are a bit bulky when you get into the larger sizes, but since you have some options there is no need to complain about the larger size ones.

Im not a fan of the material used for the floating model, it is a weird soft almost foamy material. It is much lighter then the standard ribbit and something just feels off about it (love the colors though)

I guess me biggest complaint to these frogs is that they are not readily available in my area.. i have to order on-line. 

Size comparison: Bully (4.5") vs Floating (4")

Weapons of Choice:

As usual the weapon or rod of choice is a Dobyns rod. For me due to the heavier weight of the ribbit i would lean towards using a 735c or the 736c. 

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