Monday, November 28, 2011

Quantum Exo Reel... it's like fishing with air, only lighter!

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I'm not a Quantum guy, in my life I have owned two Quantum reel and promptly sold both of them. But when i started hearing the rumours about the new Exo reel, i thought, "this is something i need to get my hands on" and today i did.

Weighing in at 5.9 ounces the Exo reel does not even feel real in your hands. it feels more like a toy (or a hard marshmallow). This thing is so incredibly light weight it is hard to get comfortable with it. I found it awkward to reel and I had bad flashbacks of me breaking my nephews Wii fishing rod remote (only minutes as he opened it on Christmas morning). I was a questioning the strength and the power of the reel although by all accounts it felt durable.

For those of you reading this and looking for a review, i cant help you, i have not had this thing out on the water, this post is more of a reaction post to handling the lightest reel i have ever picked up.

Handling both the Exo baitcaster and the Exo spinning reel I will say I much prefer the look and feel of the baitcaster. There has been so much material removed from the spinning reel it looks like Swiss cheese. I know how dirty my reels get each season and with openings like that, id be real nervous about the amount of dirt that is getting inside my reel.

My tournament partner is braver then i am, he purchased one of the Exo baitcasters, and I jokingly said "I'm sorry to hear that", but in all honesty if this reel is as Strong as it claims to be, and i know it is as light as it claims to be, then i think we will see a bunch of these on the water this coming season (my local dealer tells me he has sold 10 already.. but all fisherman lie) I recommend that you search one of these reels out, and whether you are a Quantum guy or not, put that reel in your hand..keep your eyes open, or you wont even know it is there.

P.S. I also put my hands on the Exo rods.. very interesting, strange to see the micro guide trend carried over to a collection of spinning rods.. but i think i will stick with my Dobyns rods.

Quantum did a series of mock videos for the Exo, This is one of the better reel videos I have seen, worth a watch if you haven't seen it yet

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