Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gary Dobyns.. A legend on the water, in the rod shop and at home

I have yet to met Gary in person, but we have spoken on the phone and we have corresponded over that wonderful invention "the internet" on more then a few occasions, and one thing that come through loud and clear is his passion for the sport of Bass fishing, for making a quality rod and for his family. So I know he would be very proud of the recent issue of BassWest USA magazine and the cover touting him as a :"Legend of the Sport"


I dont think many can argue with the "Legend" title.. over the years Gary has won 26 Angler of the Year titles (professional) 40 Prize Boats, not to mention over $2 Million is cash earnings. If that does not put him in elite company I dont know what will.

And if you didnt know already.. he makes the best damn rods in the industry. I think Dobyns will have to add another line of rod to the Savy, Champion & Champion Extreme rods.. Dobyns Legend Series!
(oh I think that may already be taken)

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