Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tru Tungsten Mad Maxx Frog - Angry like Mel Gibson

Im surprised it took me as long as it did to gets my hands on this frog. I have been looking at it for a few seasons now, but I just never pulled trigger.. until this year.

The Mad Maxx really lives up to its name, not only does this frog look angry but it makes the fish angry as well. Filled with Tungsten rattles this frog makes some serious noise when walking and hopping in the water


This is going to be a fairly long list. I covered off one the major pros in my opening paragraph.. the rattles. As you know I prefer to use hollow bodies that contain rattles, this frog has one of the better rattles on the market today.

The Soft body is also a huge draw to this frog. As a frame of reference I would compare the body material to the new Live Target hollow bodies, and it is much softer then the Spro family of Frogs.

I bought the my frog in the "big sexy" color. I think they choose that name do to the long sexy legs on this frog. It leaves quite the trail in the water when paused, and for those who like to trim one leg, the longer strands will still leave you with plenty of length even after the trim. Seriously though, the Big Sexy, has a shiny white belly with some flake, and a high vis back so you can easily follow your frog in the cover on long casts.

The body design is also very cool. As you can see from the below pics the frog has a bit of a ribbed section that goes down the side and belly of the frog. Tru Tungsten will tell you that this helps the frog walk on water.. but it also serves a second purpose, the slight rib perfectly hides the hook point and allows for a smoother retrieve and eliminates hang-ups.


With all the hype and advertising around the 3D eyes I was a Little disappointed that they were meerly stickers. Right out of the box I can tell these will not last long. They look cool for now, but I expect to loose them very shortly.

Price is about standard with the high end hollow bodies currently on the market. Im thinking this frog may be on the chopping block as many of the major retailers have reduce prices, and some don't have the frog up for sale any more. So If you are looking to add a nice new hollow body to your arsenal now is the time.

Overall this is a quality frog that lives up to its name, although it should be compared to a sleek remake of the 80's Mel Gibson cult classic and and not the dirty dark original.

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