Friday, September 16, 2011

Lake fork Frog.. It's Like an Alien Invasion

lake fork tackle has really had some highs and lows for me over the past few seasons. With some baits they really hit the mark and with others, they really miss. The Fork Frog is still up in air in my books, and will be on the water again in the future for some further testing.

I had an opportunity to fish the Fork Frog for a few days on Lake F (frog). The results were mixed. The Wide alien looking body and long thin legs give this bait an interesting movement when in the water. A movement neither I or the fish were to fond off on day one of my testing. But things picked up a bit on day 2, when I changed the my retrieve speed

There are two ways to work this frog, burning it back to the boat, or slow rolling it. This bait excels on the slow roll, but was ineffective on any higher speed retrieves. The wide body gives the frog an uneven rock and at times will flip the bait, and the longer thinner legs are almost pushed together on high speed retrieves, making the buzz or water churn actually less then when the bait is slow rolled?

When slowing rolling the Fork Frog you will easily achieve the water churn or buzz your looking for. This slower presentation will also help your hook-up ratio as the fish will get a better look at the bait and be less apt to miss it on a fast pass. On a slow retrieve the body still gives off slight rocking in the water, again attributed to the body design.

Ever since I have taken this thing out of the package it has always reminded me of a movie alien. I cant quite put my finger on where I have seen it before but it is eerie. Anyways, the fork frog has a decent color selection with nearly 10 options. I really like the white belly's on the above frog and choose them as my tester. These baits are made in the US and are priced well. 5 baits for about $5 depending on where you purchase them. You should be able to find them for under $1 a frog.

The last thing I will leave you with is something that Lake Fork is known for and that is heavy scenting. Believe me when I say dont fish this bait when hungry. The Garlic scent is over powering, and lasting. I left a dead bait on my boat deck overnight and the next day I could still smell it.

Give these frogs a try, see where they fit in your arsenal

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