Friday, September 2, 2011

Place your bets on Gamblers Cane toad?

For the most part I would say Im a fan of Gamblers products. I have used the "Florida weigths" for years prior to switching over to tungsten and the otter is one of my favourite flipping baits. So when i got the chance to try out the "Cane Toad" this past weekend i was expecting big things.


The Cane toad is constructed with a thicker plastic body and legs, they will hold up well for multiple Battles and still run true. They have a nice large profile without being monstrous, and the wide legged stance gives a nice slap when it hits the water.

At only 4 inches in length this bait fishes big. The paddle style feet churn some serious water and really let the fish know its there.

Gambler makes the cane toad in over 10 color options, although Im partial to black, there is some nice options for those of you who like  little color in your world.


I had issues rigging this frog. If you did not get the hook point dead centre the bait spun on the retrieve. I had it go at it a few times after, and run a higher retrieve to keep it working properly.

This last point Im going to leave in the "con" section even thought many of you may disagree. The Cane toad is designed with a backwards facing rib system. This obviously causes even more of a disturbance in the water, but at the same time it really hinders your retrieve if you have to go in or over and significant structure. The reverse ribs really cause a lot of drag when moving over a heavily padded area and i found myself using the rod more then the reel to advance the bait when on the pads.

That all being said, when used int he open or in sparsely covered vegetation this frog definitely has its place in your arsenal. It is a true buzz frog. Even better then that, only casts in I had my first cane fish.. now that's a "pro" in any ones books


I may sound a bit repetitive here, but the Dobyns 735c really cant be beat when throwing buzz frogs. I may even have to look at getting one of the microguide series to see if I can up my game.

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