Monday, September 12, 2011

10 Days, 5 Lakes & more fish then I can count

Well my annual end of august early september vacation has come and gone. The wife and I spent the last 10 days fishing 5 lakes in the bancroft region. Her family has a place on Dickey lake (near Coehill) and we made the rounds hitting some big lakes (Dickey, Paudash, Steenburg) and a few that shall remain nameless (Lake X, Lake Y, Lake Z)

He had great weather around the labour day long weekend and started our fishing on Lake X, the first fish of the trip was a beauty 4.3lb largemouth who swallowed my live target walking frog whole.

Many of these small lakes are quiet as the fall approaches, we were lucky to be void of many boaters, anglers and the dreaded jet-skiers.

As the week progressed a nasty wind came in with spurts of rain. The wind stayed high for 3 days making the lakes muddy and the bite slowed to a crawl. Lake Y which should be renamed Lake F(frog) was the dirtiest I had seen it in years. I still got the chance to break out a few new frogs and test the water.. 1 of those new frogs gave me 10 blow-ups and produced not one fish (more on that in an upcoming blog).

When the wind finally calmed down I was able to do something I truly love, float fishing. I have a float tube that many believe is only for fly fishing, and I love to break it out on calm nights and buzz frogs across the top of the water and battle smallies at eye level. I do own a fly rod and enjoy taking it out, but this year I only got once chance to use the float tube and you know I was froggin. (more on this in an upcoming blog)

Dickey lake is a small lake that does not see a lot of pressure. The fishing is not great, but there are many 1-2lb fish that can be caught if you know where to go. My wife and I ended many days fishing till dark on Dickey lake, there I came across my new arch enemy a fish that I swung on and missed 3 days in a row. A pad splitter the chased down my frog each night for one cast and one cast alone. It was not to be, and I will be back after him next year for sure.

My week ended with a 2 day tournament on Paudash lake. Earlier in the summer (August) I spent 3 days on Paudash and was happy with my results. This was not the case this past weekend, my worst performance of the year brining in back 2 back 5lb bags. Hell the big fish on each day was bigger then my entire bag. That being said, this whole series was a blast and we had a great time. (more on that in an upcoming blog)

This short vacation always kind of marks the end of my summer, but not the end of my fishing. It was sad to see another summer buzz by, but Im happy to spend it on the water as much as I have.

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