Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Strike King KVD Sexy Frog: Damn thats sexy! But does it fish?

Lets face it, there is not much that KVD has done or could do wrong. Everything the man touches turns to gold. Whether it is on the water with a stick in hand, or if it is designing products for Strike King or other other companies. He churns out winners.

The KVD Sexy frog is the third new bait that I have purchased from the KVD line-up this season alone. It is a sleek "sexy" hollow bodied frog that fits nicely into a growing market of frogs. The frog is equipped with super sharp Gamakatsu hooks and a free floating rattle (a frog after my own heart) With 10 different color options available including the KVD standard "sexy" color, you will have a hard time choosing just one.. but I did.. Tiger Black


Lets start with the obvious, this is a KVD bait, he puts a lot of time and effort into the design and you know it will be a quality product.

The best features a frog can have are solid strong sharp hooks, some noise, and a body that collapses on impact but hold up to the battle. This frog features all three of these. The Gamakatsu hooks and second to none in my opinion and tells me that Kevin and Strike King agree. A free floating rattle has been inserted in the frog to give off that little extra bit of noise and sound.. not to mention a touch more weight without adding bulk.This frog casts very well and sits well on the water.

The body design is very Corvette like, it is thin and sleek but with a wide stance that allows you to walk the frog with ease and maneuver around cover. The body is moulded to the hook with a sealed nose. The idea here is allow almost no water to enter the hollow, and a hole at the back of the frog is designed to allow any water that does enter to exit easily. When fished this feature is as advertised, unlike other frogs on the market there was no need to constantly squeeze the frog the drain


Although not really a con, I will say the body of this frog is not as soft as others on the market. Frogs such as Live Target and Evolve both have softer bodies. I would rate this one close to a Spro when it comes to the body's consistency. (maybe a bit softer)

In the 8 hours I fished with it on the first day on the water I had 10 blow-ups. Not once was I able to get the hooks into a fish. That being said only on 3 occasions did I actually feel the fish with the frog in mouth. So obviously I will be placing no blame on the frog itself.

I highly recomend giving this frog a good look, it is not the best frog on the market today, but it fishes well and you will catch fish. If you ever  see Kevin be sure to thank him for me

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