Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Strike King Rage Toad: All the Rage

I will openly admit that Im not a fan of Strike King's Rage line-up of baits. I have tried a few and nothing really grabbed me (and the fish never really grabbed it).  But the Rage Toad came highly recommended so I thought I should give it try.

Lets start off with the obvious, the Rage toad is a buzz frog, this bad boy is meant to tear up the water and it does just that. The two chunky legs churn up the water and help keep the frog up hight on medium to fast retrieves. They are made of a durable plastic that holds up well fish after fish.

The body of the frog is made of the same dense material as the legs, this gives the frog some nice weight and allows for additional casting distance. The Rage Toad will sink once it hits the water so you are best to start your retrieve immediately, although traditionally I prefer to let my baits pause befor the retrieve.

Since this bait is designed to be a heavy buzz/churn it is better fished in open water around cover then directly in the cover. The thicker the vegetation the harder it is to achieve a steady retrieve, and get the full benefit of the rage tail.

Tip: Before ripping open the Rage tail on these toads try fishing it with the legs attached. This provides less action and less churn, but still gives you some nice action. It is nowhere near as aggressive as once the legs are ripped.

Available in close to 10 colors the Rage Toad sells for around a $1 a frog with 5 packs selling for $4.99 at most retailers. Like all Rage products the packaging is a pain in the @$$ the a plastic enclosure used to keep the baits separate inside the pouch. Not sure why the additional packaging is needed, these are durable baits.

Rage Toads can be fished with 3/0 up to 6/0 hooks. As mentioned before I usually run with a 3/0 but with this frog I would recommend jumping up to the 4/0. The durable plastic holds the hook well and there will be no need to constantly adjust the frog or hook

Even if you are like me and not a fan of the traditional line of Strike King Rage baits, I think you will want to give this frog a try. It is not for everyday use, but will definitely help you out when the fish are in an aggressive mood. If you are sensing that Im not super stoked on this frog it really comes down to preference. I like a more subtle churn/buzz in my baits. This is a quality product, and may be just what you are looking for

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