Friday, August 26, 2011

Ultimate Bucketmouth's Lunker Ugly Frog.. X-Rated or Misunderstood?

In my quest to fish every form or frog I can get my hands on, Im bound to come across some duds, and some highly unusual things.. this frog meets both of those descriptions.

How do I even try to explain to you how this frog works, looks and feels.. how many baits have you seen that need a X-rating because they seem to have a penis? this is a first for me. Another first is actually needing instructions on how to rig a frog. this is not your average nose hook bait (more on that in a minute).. actually nothing is really average about this frog.. but then again nothing is really great either.

How do you fish an x-rated frog?

well thats a good question. First off, you better have some large hooks.. this bad boy needs to be fished with a 7/0 oversized worm hook (Owner). A traditional 11/0 hook will be needed for any other brand.

The hook is pushed through a section of the frogs belly and not the frogs nose (see image below). the point of the hook is then slid into the penis section (Im sorry but its true!). This allows the hook to run weedless when in the water

Unlike may other frogs in the soft bodied market, this is not as much as a swimming frog as it is a sitting frog. when in the water the head sits above the water level and the legs and hook hang down similar to the way a real frog would sit in the water. But I forgot to mention, if you really want to achieve this you need to add some weight the the legs. They recommend adding insert weighs to the knee section. If you dont weight it, this frog lays perfectly flat on the water

If you check in with Ulitmate Bucketmouth, they give you two ways to fish this bait, the first being the weighted knees and slow retrieve with many pauses, allowing the frog to sit in the water with legs down.  The second way is unweighted, you give the frog short pops back to the boat and on the pause the frog will float with the entire body sitting on top of the water.  This will give a large silhouette to any fish underneath it.

They say extensive research has gone into this design and that this is a realistic big fish frog. I personally dont see it. It is huge, but life like is a stretch, it looks like a chalk outline of a dead frog and it swims just as poorly. The large heavy body may allow for great distance when casting and the "interesting design" may allow you to fish it weedless and still get a good hookset.. but you have to fool a fish first. and personally I dont think the fish are that crazy

the fact that these have been found on sale from $0.99 to a $1.49 for a pack of 4 should have told me something. But these are the things I do for you guys. As you know I usually recommend that you give it a try for yourself, but on this one I will warn you.. if you are fishing with kids.. cover their eyes, there are something you just dont need to see.

Weapons of Choice:

If you are going to take the plunge and try this frog, you will need to use similar equipment as you would with a hollow body. I would recommend a Dobyns 736c. this bait does not have much swimming motion, and the heavy bait will need a rod with good backbone to control it.

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  1. This is the funniest review that I've ever read. I appreciate the purpose of the review, but I still couldn't help but crack up a couple times. Thanks for making my day Rob!