Thursday, August 18, 2011

Frog Review: Koppers Live Target "Mini" Hollow Body

As with most anglers when i find a bait i love, it is hard to convince me that there is a better product available. Even harder to get me to switch from a confidence bait to something different.. but this year Live Target has done just that, they have completely restored my faith in traditional hollow bodied frogs and left me with a huge collection of Scum frogs that may never see water again!

I wont get into too much detail here because I have discussed these frogs on a previous post. But what i did want to go over is the new size that was introduced at this seasons ICAST event. the "mini" for a lack of a better name (I think it is actually called the 45T)  is the newest member of the Live Target family and believe me, if will find a place in your tackle bag.

This frog comes in at a tiny 1 3/4 inches long.. a half inch smaller the the medium sized frog (55T) and a full inch smaller the the full size model (65T). I dont know about you guys, but so far this season I have had the majority of my success on the 55T.. it seems to be the perfect fit to match frog sizes in my section of Ontario.


as an avid frog angler I throw both hollow bodies and plastic frogs daily. This new mini I believe will help bridge the gap between the two techniques, the smaller profile allows for more erratic movement, this movement is similar to the movement provided by soft plastic frogs. The mini can be burnt across the top and open spaces with ease. It will excel in lightly padded areas where the frog will spend a good amount of time in open water between cover. It is also a fishes version of the 1 bite brownie.. this little guy can be slurped up even by fish in the 1lb and under category

This frog shares all the "pros" of it's siblings. The ultra sharp and strong hooks are second to none and the soft plastic body is easily compressed and allows for some of the best hook-up ratios I have experiences in years.


the biggest con this bait has will be the size/weight. when working a heavily padded area this bait wont call the fish in like its bigger heavier brothers. It will also get knocked around a bit more, the Live target frogs are light as it is, so with the smaller frog you will have to be patient with your hooksets. this frog will easily be sent flying up into the air on a missed strike or a violent hookset.

It is also not the easiest to cast. I throw most hollow bodies on my Dobyns 735c rod with a shimano Curado. I really had to play with the reel to get some distance with this frog.. the windy day did not help


to add a little weight and sound, dont be afraid to add some rattles or beads to this bait. not only will it improve the sound, but the extra weight will help it sit down better on the water/pads.

So thats all I have to say about that, and with all the hype on this frogs already out there, I will try not to bore you with much more.. I will leave you with this.. "FOR SALE: A Collection of 30 Scum Frogs (various colors and sizes available)

Weapons of Choice:

As mentioned above I like to throw hollow bodies with a Dobyns 735c. for this guy I may switch it up a bit and use something in the 8ft range with a bit more whip. Dobyns 805 or 804

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