Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fear & Loathing on the BBTS: Jacks Lake

well normally I would start off a tournament post with a pic of my partner and I along with our catch for the day. But seeing as the above fish, a beast, weighing in at 6.85lbs broke the BBTS tournement series record for largest fish weighed in at an event, there was no way I could  lead off with anything else.

A local team of mark Dunford and Terry Lucas won the event.. Terry's fish is what put them up over the edge, a 17lb bag with a kicker fish of nearly 7lbs.. wow, that thing is a beast.

Now that thats out of th way, we will move on to my results and my quest to break the 10lb mark this season. The first two events we finished with just under 10lbs and with our results on Jacks lake we made it a threepeat weighing in 9.85lbs.. good enough for 13th place for the day, and we now sit in 12th place for the team of the year standings with on three days of fishing remaining.

Our Day:

Our day started off with a decent draw.. #9.. but when we blasted off we quickly noticed 2 boats were already stationed in the spot we had marked as #1 on our hit list.

I quick direction change and we were headed to spot #2.. a bay in the back of the lake loaded with timber and pads. A prefish conducted a few weeks earlier had us on a spinnerbait pattern, this quick proved uneventfull and we switched to top water.. frogs, frogs and more frogs.. the bite turned on and within 45 minutes we had 5 fish in the live well, but a total bag weight of only 6lbs.. time to move on

Spot #3 was another back bay with similar structure as the last spot, the water was a bit shallower and we only managed a few dinks.. nothing that would cull.. time to move on

We decided to reverse directions and head back to spot #1.. three boars now visible we moved on to spot #4, a nice rock line that we had previous success on. The spinnerbaits and cranks again proved useless, not a single fish. Getting a littler nervous by this time as our bag was still very weak, the morning was now over and we had 3 hours left to play with.

the decison was made to run up the lake looking for more top water situations.. we found some further out back bays with friendly locals who let us know there was not fish to be had.. we proved them wrong and were able to cull up to 7lbs..

with 1 hour left we made a run to a feeder creek that proved uneventfull during practise, we knew it was loaded with pads and worht a shot today. We locked the boat down and threw till our arms fell off, the pads were hot and we missed a few big blow-ups early on... it had been awhile since we had seen a fish..lol

In the last hour we culled up to our final tally of 9.85lbs.. all fish that day were from frogs.. live target walkers, live target hollow bodies, berkley freaks, and a 3 legged gene larew that also made some pike excited. It was a great day on the water, we just missed the 10, one more pound would have done it. Next stop is Limerick lake, i have a 2nd place finish under my belt on this lake so im hoping for big things

Congrats to Mark Dunford and Terry Lucas on the win.. here they are with there catch.. as you can see the brute dominated the bag

Weapons of Choice:

Dobyns 735c / Shimano Curado
Dobyns 805cbrm / Shimano Curado

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