Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fear & Loathing on the BBTS Tournament Trail: Limerick Lake

Tournament number 4 of the BBTS was this past weekend on Limerick lake. The weather did not exactly play nice as we fought 50km winds all day long as well as cool temps.

Im happy to say we finished in 6th place.. just 0.15lbs out of 5th place and the money. We ended up with 12.40lbs in the bag, all caught prior to 10am. the rest of the day we struggled to cull only adding a few oz here and there. With only 1 event left in the schedule this year we sit in 10th place in the team of the year standings. Not bad for a couple of rookies fishing a wack of new lakes.

How the Day Broke Down:

We had pre-fished Limerick nearly two weeks ago, and had 3 or 4 spots we really wanted to hit. Luck for us we drew #4 for the launch and were able to beat the pack to spot number 1 on our radar. But to our surprise and horror the water level at spot number 1 was about 1 foot lower then when we pre-fished it. No water = no fish.

Wanting to stay out of the wind we worked our way further back in the back channel and bay area, we tried to avoid the main lake as much as possible. We dropped the frog rods (very hard for me to do) and started to flip timber and any clump of pads we could find that housed water.

We quickly found a pattern and stayed with it, flipping up and down any shoreline that contained the right combination of timber, pads and water depth. We had our first 5lbs in the first hour and by 10am had over 12lbs in the boat.

Running out of water to fish in the back bays, we decided to hit the main lake and see what can be found.. big mistake.. the water was turning, and we got seriously knocked around. deep weed-beds were un-fishable and we ended up running for cover looking for more timber.

here is a short video clip of the conditions.. this is not a main lake spot, this is a side bay area

We were never able to recreate the bite we found early in the day, and although we picked up a few oz here and there, we never found the kicker fish that would put us into the money spots. Again we left the lake looking for that 4 or 5lb fish that would have made our day.

All in all there was some pretty decent weights brought to the scales. A two way tie for first place with 15.5lbs bags was nice to see. The winner was decided by the team with the largest kicker fish, and a 5.5lb largie help put Allan Balduc and Basil Testeroney  in top spot.. congrats

I could not finish this off without sharing some pics of the nice fish from the day on the water. These are the only 5lb fish to hit the scales on this day.

This was another well run event by the BBTS team. Its great to have those relationships with the resorts and marina owners. The team at Limerick Lake lodge was awesome, they had free coffee set up for us at 6am and were there to support and take pics during the weigh in. Thanx to both the BBTS organizers and the Limerick lake lodge team.


As mentioned it was time to put down the frog rod and start to flip. I had two flipping rods set up. The first was a DX795flip, this rod is a beast, hauls big bass out of heavy cover but does not fatigue the arms and shoulders. The second rod was a 735C, i have said it before and I will say it again, this is the best all around rod on the market today. Both rods were paired up with Shimano curado reels.

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