Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pimp'n your Reel - TH Reel Tuning & Cleaning

(Reel by: Calfish - Image from TH site)

Recently I added some reel grips to all the reels in my arsenal. And I thought that was the extent of pimp'n a reel.. but a friend pointed me in the direction of a very cool website that not only cleans and repairs reels, but also provides the ultimate pimp'n experience..

 the TH stands for Trey Harpel a fellow Dobyns Rod team member. His site is dedicated to the art of reel tuning and cleaning, something he has over 10 years experience doing. The prices look very reasonable with his experience and quick turn around, you will be very happy with your reels tuning

If you want to add a little flash to your reel, be sure to check out the painted reel section of the site. All paint jobs are completed by Calfish from Tackle Tour and there are some pretty cool samples available to look at.. Im not quite ready for a paint job yet, but I like what I see and may be sending some work his way in the future.

(Reel by: Calfish - Image from TH site)

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