Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Evolve's Nervous Walker Frog- Making Bass everywhere nervous!

I have to admit with the big guns in the marketplace already making a splash in the Hollow Body field.. Live Target, KVD Sexy Frog, Spro.. it was a littler nervous to say the least about pulling the trigger on Evolves new frog "Nervous Walker".. but Im glad I did.

When my nervous walker arrived (courtesy of Tacklewarhouse) I was instantly impressed with the high quality, bright color paint job that would rival any frog on the market.. even Koppers Live Target. But in taking this bait out of the package, thats when you really get to see what this bait is all about!

the soft supple plastic used makes for by far the most easily collapsable frog I have ever laid my hands on. Under the slightest pressure the body of the bait folds up and exposes the hooks (sorry no matter where I looked I could not find who makes there hooks).

the second perk to this frog is the beads inserted into the hollow body.  I dont know about you, but adding a rattle/beads to my hollow bodies is a must, the extra sound, commotion and weight really helps to call the hawgs in close. (if this is not something you do.. I would recommend giving it a shot)

the third perk to this frog goes back to my opening paragraph, these frogs are well designed, well painted and although they may not be quite as realistic as the Live Target frogs, they do look awesome, and the bright color selection is something I love to see.  Weighing in at 5/8oz and 2.5 inches in length, this will not be the bully in your arsenal but they fish bigger then they look. They share length with many frogs on the market but the wider body design may help when "walking" this frog.

UPDATE: 08/25/2011

I though this was some valid info to share. The frog fishes very "heavy" it casts far and lands hard. It is much heftier then other frogs on the market and although it swims well, i feel lots of drag or resistance on the retrieve.  Great for long distance on windy days 

Evovle scared me away earlier this season when I saw the "original" and "pulse" series frogs. those strange looking things with $20 price tags made me shake my head.. but the nervous Walker has restored my faith, and has me eying up another member of the Evolve family.. the pond doctor. I would recommend giving this bait a try. (at $6.99 this frog is cheaper then most of its competitors)

Weapons of Choice:

I recently decided to add a second frog rod to my arsenal. A Dobyns 736C will be the newest member of  my rod family. it's sole purpose in life will be to throw hollow bellies. It has many of the same traits as the 735C with just a bit more backbone

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