Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kingston Canadian Open - The Final Results are in!

Saturday afternoon marked the conclusion of the secon annual Kingston Canadian Open. As mentioned on Thursday he three day event was shortened to two days when a weather warning cancelled day 1 of the event.

 On Days 2 & 3 the anglers did not disappoint bringing in some beauty 20+ lb bags on both days.
After Day 1 the leader was Mike Blair with a bag just over 23lbs, Bob Izumi was tied for second with Chris Johnson just 1lb behind the leader. Other notables on day 1 included Dereck Strub (10th) the winner of last years event and WFN host JP Derose (11th), both brinining over 20lbs to the scale

Day 2 started off with nice calm waters, but the heat and wind picked up as the day progessed. By 2pm some anglers were already dropping off bags of fish and calling it a day, 1 full hour befor the tournaments official end time. While speaking to anglers, many made long runs on day 2, some as much as 80 miles, making the trip from Kingston down to Trenton and beyond. In search of jumbo smallies many anglers were forced to switched over to largemouths when the smallies appeared to get lockjaw. Not all smallies were so temermental and bag after bag of monster smallmouth bass where on display at the podium.

When all was said and done and the last bag was weighed, the Event was won by Cory Johnson (Pro) with 44lb', beating out the 2nd place winner Mike Blair by just over 1lb.

On the amateur side Darren Izumi son of Canadian TV legend Bob Izumi, took home top prize a lund boat packaged worth $20,000. The young Izumi was one of three members of the Izumi family fishing in the tournement, father Bob and Uncle Wayne both fished on the Pro side and were a crowd favourite. Darren held his own on stage taking time to make fun of his father, toss out goodies to the crowd and enjoy some candy floss

(Darren Izumi and JP Derose on the hot seat)

As a first time audience member, I though this was an extremely well run event. The city of Kingston is a beautiful backdrop for the tournement and the sponsor came to educate and made sure there was a ton of prizes to be given away (many of the pro's were handed loot bags and hats that were tossed into the crowd while on stage). No child left empty handed and a few even shared the spotlight getting some time on stage to tell a fishing related story.

The crowd for the event was pretty decent, with a good mix of local anglers top notch professionals and TV personalities there was somthing for every fan. The kid in me still gets excited to see the likes of Bob Izumi, and the adult in me could not wait to see the bag brough in by Mike Desforges. Even in the heat of the day the crowd stuck it out to see a winner crowned.
To see 50 or more pics from the Day 2 weighin please click the below link

here are the final results for the top 30 Pro's, First place for the Pro's was $40,000 and the Amature takes home a $20,000 boat package from Lund

Cory Johnson 44.4
Mike Blair 43.3
JP DeRose 43.0
Franklin Janson 42.7
Peter Savioa 42.6
Chris Johnson 42.25
Bob Izumi 41.80
Paul Climpson 40.25
Doug Brownridge 40.1
Curtis Richards 38.3
Josh Myers 38.85
Ralph Papiest 38.45
Bruce Tufts 37.60
Derek Strub 37.3
Oliver Grigull 37.25
Bill Sheppard 37.05
John Whyte 36.40
Ryann Susanna 36.3
Rob LaFrambois 36.2
John McDonald 35.8
Jim Estebrook 35.5
Greg Hammond 35.4
Rob Webster 35.25
John McGoey 35.15
Jamie Janzen 35.1
Mike Riccardi 35.06
Mike Desforges 34.07
Johnny Liscio 34.55
Mike Nabulsi 34.40
Jay McCormack 33.05

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