Monday, July 4, 2011

ishad, a new technique to revolutionize the sport or just another ifad

Ishad.. thi name seems a bit advanced to me, did Jackall need to get Apples permission before launching this new line of baits? Or maybe they come with an app for your iphone? All i know is this new technique has been making quite a buzz, and I want in. 

Similar to a bait i reviewed earlier this season the ishad is bucking the norm, it is a bait designed to limit movement in the water.. let me say this one more time.. it is designed to limit the baits movement in the water. The ishad technique was designed to look and act like a non wounded, non threatened bait fish. It goes against everything we have ever been taught about what makes a goo dait.. yet anglers
(like me) seem to be eating it up.

The ishad has to be one of the easiest techniques on the market today.. just cast, and reel it in, as straight and steady as you can, no jiggling the rod tip, no jerking motion, no pumping the rod.. just reel. It sounds so easy that it may even be hard.

They are fairly slender profile bait with a slightly ribbed body an ultra thin tail that gives the bait it’s only movement.  It is available in 3 sizes (the largest being 4.8inches) and close to 12 colors, but you will have to look hard to find them since they are not even available on the jackal website and most dealers I found only carry 6 or so. The body is a dense and gives you confidence that it will last for more than one fish, but the tail will be easily destroyed by the smallest of panfish 

The Ishad is meant to be fished with a nose hook jig that is also produced by Jackall. The nose jigs come in 3 sizes all fairly light and designed for the most part for the ishad. A short owner hook and weed guard finish off these tiny jigs nicely. 

As the name states the ishad is meant to be nose hooked, similar to fishing a drop shot. Just slid the hook into the hose of the bait and you are good to go. Obviously to keep the bait running straight you will want to be sure to place the hook in the centre of the hose. The small lead tip will allow for a straight retrieve and give little resistance.     

This technique is all the rage in Japan, or so I’m told. Does it sound to good to be true? hmmm, Only time will tell. But baits that buck the current trends are becoming more and more relevnt as lakes see more and more pressure pressure from anglers. Im all for new tricks and techniques and Im looking forward to giving this one a thorough workout      


This past weekend I was able to put this new technique to the test. I gave it a thorough work-over with little to no success and I gave my wife one to test out.. what better way to test a lure with no action then to pass it to a non-fisherman who will straight retrieve without thinking twice. Both of us had the occassional tap, but no significant bites or fish. Im not ready to write this one off as of yet, .. more info to come

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