Friday, July 29, 2011

July Recipe - Asian BBQ Trout with Salami Wrapped Asparagus

For recipe #3, I thought it was time to move away from planked or wrapped fish and go with an "on grill" recipe. This is an asian inspired BBQ sauce with salami wrapped asparagus.  This is a quick grill on a weeknight, and takes minimal prep. (Im playing with a new photo app on my iphone so bare with me while i work through some "artsy" photos)

Salami Wrapped Asparagus

Asparagus is one veggie that stands up well on the grill, many people (myself included) will steam asparagus in a tinfoil  tent, but if you really want to pick up the flavor it is best cooked directly on the grill. You can use many different deli meats as the wrap, I prefer to use Salami or Prosciutto, they both have deep flavor and the texture allows them to stand up to heat and movement on the grill.

-  12 x Asparagus pieces
-  6 x Salami slices
-  6 x toothpicks
-  Sesame Oil
-  Butter
-  Salt & Pepper

Take you 12 asparagus pieces and trim off the woody ends (find the natural breaking point). Pair them up so you have 6 pairs of asparagus. Take a slice of salami and wrap it around the asparagus. Then use a soaked toothpick to spear the two pieces an salami together..set aside and repeat with the other bundles

Heat grill to 350 and place bundles on in-direct heat. Heat to desired crunchiness, and looked for char marks on the salami and asparagus. While grilling I like to baste the asparagus bundles with a mix of butter and sesame oil, this gives them a nice sweet nutty flavor

BBQ Trout

when placing any fish directly on the grill, be sure to grease the grill liberally. I like to use skin on fillets when direct grilling as it gives a barrier between the fish and the heat and helps to keep the natural moisture in.

 - 1 x Trout Filet (boned)
 - sesame oil (and or olive oil)
 - salt and pepper
 - 1 garlic clove (crushed)
 - toasted sesame seeds
 - tomato puree
 - hoisin sauce

This recipe is sort of an Asian inspired BBQ sauce. Trout and Salmon both respond well to the sweet and savory flavors in this and other BBQ sauces. I give the skin side of the trout a rub down with sesame oil and then place on a grill preheated to 400, once the fish is on the grill I turn the BBQ down low, the initial heat will give you a great sear on the skin and help Bake the fish while on the BBQ.

I mix the tomato puree with hoisin sauce to taste. You are looking to keep the natural tomato flavor but pick up on the sweetness of the hoisin. Add the Crushed garlic and give the sauce a heat through to help cook the garlic and blend the flavors. Toasted sesame seeds are added at the end.  This can be done in advance and placed on the Trout while cool or warm.

Depending on the size of your fillet the trout can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes. the skin should be sizzling under the meat and it should flake easily without drying out.

This combo pairs well with rice, I like a wild rice mix, over traditional white... enjoy

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