Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shoreline Angling - Anywhere Anytime

 My wife has Yoga on Mondays and belly dancing class on tuesdays.. this gives me two great windows to get in some fishing afterwork. Shore line angling is still an often overlooked way to get in some fishing when time is tight but if your like me you will want to take advantage of ever minute you have, and nothing get you fishing faster then shore line hot spots.

here are some tips to help make your shoreline trip a success.

Scout out the area

In your everyday travels keep your eyes open for good shoreline spots. Spots that can be accessed by foot and allow you to get right up to the waters edge are nice. (This means less equipment is needed, some spots may require a net if you cant get right up to the water). Weekends are a great time to scout out shoreline spots, spots that are frequently fished on the weekends are not usually as busy during the week, take advantage of this when you can.

Be prepared

In the trunk of my car you will find a small tackle bag along with a 2pc rod. This is what i call my "emergency kit" it allows me to stop anywhere anytime and fish. The Bag contains a mixed bag of lures and baits that are geared towards common shoreline species (Bass, Walleye, panfish and carp). The bag contains sun screen, pliers and a back-up pair of sunglasses. I usually carry a rain suit in my trunk as well. It is rarely needed but nice to have.

Tip: Cameras are a must, some of these shoreline haunts hold big or unusual fish, and if you dont capture them on film they become just another fish tale. Digital cameras are great, and most cell phones now have cameras built it, but both of these take batteries, and batteries die, one sure fire way to ensure you always get the picture is to buy a throw-away film camera that can be found at almost all corner stores. throw it in your trunk and you will never miss the pick of a lifetime

Know your route and when to leave

I have three shoreline spots that I like to hit on a regular basis, as you fish them you will begin to learn there strengths and weaknesses and when to move on. Many shoreline spots provide you with limited space to fish, and will hold limited fish. If you pull up to a spot and catch 3 fish in the first 10 minutes and get nothing for the next 30 minutes it is time to move on. I personally have a spot that holds 1 fish, it is on the way to another shoreline spot I fish, so I stop catch my 1 fish then get back in the car and move onto the next location (this is something I learned over time, Im not condoning just randomly catching a single fish then leaving)

Shore-line angling can provide some awesome moments and get you into spots that some boats cannot get to.  My wife uses Yoga to relax, me, I grab a rod and reel and hit the closes shoreline.

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