Monday, July 1, 2013

The Bass Geek Part 3: Tackle Organization

noun - slang

1. An expert or enthusiast (a term of pride)
2. A person who is pre-occupied or knowledgeable about Bass Fishing
3.  A person that purchases a label maker to help organize their bait, not their taxes

How to become a Bass Geek Part 3:

Like any respectable geek, a true bass geek is a collector, a bait collector. And like any good collection, organization is key. If you want to have the best organized tackle on the block, just follow the below steps

Step 1: head on over to your local supply store and buy your self a label marker. There are many to choose from, but in all honesty for what we are using them for there is no need to spend more then $30-$40.  Here is the model I purchased: Dymo LetraTag Plus

Tip A: buy rechargeable batteries as these babies are battery monsters and burn through them fast.

Step 2: When choosing a label for your label marker there are two things to remember, first you want it to be clearly visible and easy to ready.. don't use clear labels on a clear box, it just does not stand out enough. I opted for high-vis yellow backgrounds with black lettering.. this draws the eye and makes it easy to see

Secondly, be sure your labels are plastic and not paper.. yes paper is at times cheaper but remember what happens when paper gets wet!

Tip: Whatever label you decide to use, be sure to double check that your local stores stock it.. I have to order mine on line as non of the locals carry it.. it I knew that up front it would have changed my choice

Step 3: Label for ease of use on the water and in storage. Simply put this means you want to print 2 labels for each Plano style storage box. One to go on the front lip (near the locking clip) and one to go on the side. This allows you to see one label while the box is in your storage bag and the other when in storage (see above top photo)

Tip: prior to stickering your first box set it up in your tackle bag, to ensure your place the label facing the direction  you would normally be looking and or accessing the box. Do the same on the storage shelf

PS: Cheap book cases make great storage shelves for Plano boxes. They allow you to place them on their sides, so they take up less room and if by chance they are a little damp from a day on the water, sitting them on their side will ensure the baits don't sit in it.

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