Sunday, July 21, 2013

One Month In - Whats Working & Whats Not Working

Ok, so the bass season in Ontario has now been open for just over a month now. And as with any new season it takes some time to adjust to the weather conditions, the changes in the water, and of course the fish.. here is what's been working for me:

Frog Fishing:

Did you you even have to ask? since opening day I have been throwing frogs on lake after lake with some pretty good success. What I have noticed this season is that I have been picking up more fish in sparser cover, then in the thicker pads and/or slop. I believe this has to do with cooler water temps still and the fish not really feeling the urge to bury themselves as deep into the cover. 

My success with buzz or swim toads has been limited, I have found slower presentations to be the ticket so far in 2013 and thus I have focuses on popping frogs and standard hollow bodies that I can move slower but still draw fish in even in open water conditions

Frog's of choice: Ish Popping Phattie is my current go-to for the 2013 Season


for the past 3 season I have been a spinnerbait addict, I love to throw one and often look for situations in which I can throw one until my arms hurt. I've had  great success with a spinnerbait right from the start this year (my NY trip back in May) and have been able to pick up fish in shallow (2ft) and as deep as 8ft. So far most of my success has come on slow rolls or on the pause when the blades are ripped out of the weeds. If you are having trouble with the spinner bait bite be sure to watch your speed and alter it to see if that motivates the fish to bite

One great thing about a spinnerbait is that they are fishable in almost all weather conditions. This year we have experiences a lot of rain and wind, and in these conditions the spinnerbait excels.. that being said cooler temps will cool off the spinnerbait bite, so if your going to throw one..slow down

Spinnerbait of Choice: No surprises here, I have been throwing the War Eagle Screaming Eagle spinnerbait in white, and.. white for 3 seasons now. It is the only bait I throw and it work

Flipping & Pitching

whether it is flipping docks, pads or shoreline timber, I have held a flipping stick in my hand a great deal this first month of the 2013 Bass season. The bite has been so hot that I find specific bait and/or colours have not been as important as the actual bait sizes. So far in this early part of the season the fish seem to have been looking for a bulkier bait with a larger profile. For example I have had much greater success flipping tubes, then flipping worms.

Weight is also important, so far I have had to keep two rods rigged up, one with a 1/4oz and the other with a 1/2 z tungsten. Though for the most part the fish in open water situations have been more prone to hit the 1/4oz rigged baits, I keep the 1/2 rigged to pound through the thick slime that seems to be building up fast and furious around the shorelines.

Flipping baits of choice: El Grande Lures Tube (blue gill and baby bass colours have been the ticket)

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