Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New for 2013: Top Water Baits

The anticipation that comes along with every new bass season extends way past the dreams of the fish waiting to be caught (and lost), or even the greatness achieved with a possible tournament victory. For me it even extends into the new baits I cant wait to test drive... for 2013 Bass season this list includes 3 new top water baits that I believe will bring my game to a new level!

Arbogast Buzz Plug

Arbogast is a company that at times does not get the credit it deserves for it's line of classic, yet still relevant baits.. from the hall of fame baits like the hula popper and jitterbug all the way up to the all new "Buzz Plug" Arbogast has been putting fish in boats longer then many of todays pro anglers have been alive.

When I first spotted the Buzz Plug, I was sold, and already dreaming of calm quiet mornings and burning this baby over deep weed edges. I love the concept behind this bait, the unique body shape gives it a nice wobble, and the fact that it floats will ensure you can keep it buzzing at almost any speed. When paused the fat ass end sits down in the water like a frog bait leaving the hooks dangling down to entice a strike

I would call this a "buzzbait for dummies" but since I personally plan to use it quite a bit I would really only be insulting myself

DUA Pencil 100

Ok, so maybe this is not as new as the other baits listed here, but since I only got limited time on the water with it in 2012, it's still kinda new to me.. and I cant wait to start throwing it again.

Like the Abrogast Buzz Plug the DUO Pencil 110 is one of the easiest top water baits to work, and work well. It walks the dog so easily you don't even need to try, just simple rod twiches and the bait will do all the rest.  Having thrown one a few times now, it is still fun to tie one on and watch your partners expesion when you first start working it.. the sound it emits is so loud it almost startles people... "damn whats in that bait" is a common expression.

At the start of this season I was the proud owner  of a pair of DUO Pencils, and when I lost one recently  (damn submerged rope)  I was very upset as they are not cheap, and not easy to come by, so my back-up has now been put under lock and key and awaits tournaments days.. this is no bait to waste on fun fishing when there is money on the line!

Live Target Frog Popper

Yeah, I know, I know there are endless sites and anglers spouting off about every Live Target bait ever releases.. but you know what, there is a reason why.. they make quality baits that anglers want and need..Me, I need me the all new "Frog Popper", partly because I'm addicted to frog baits (as seen here) and partly because I love poppers. So by combining the two, they really just forced me to buy one. (shame on your Live Target, shame)

All in all the Frog Popper has everything you want and need in a popper bait, it spits loud and far and like with the Live Target walking frog it sits very well on the pause. I love that it comes equipped with feathers on the back  hook, for me this is a must on a good poppers

I will admit Im not stoked on the size they made this bait available in. It has a smaller profile then the majoiryt of the poppers I throw and I would like to see it come in a bit larger sizes, but knowing Live Target that is how they will re-launch it next season (yeah, I'm on to you guys)

So if you are looking to spice up your top water arsenal this season, be sure to take a long look at these three choices, one if not all 3 may just nicely fill a gap in your current line-up.

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