Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Photo Journal - Chemong Lake - June 2013

This past weekend I headed back home to spend some time with my parents as well as my in-laws, and to do that successfully I brought along my boat, and headed out on Chemong lake for 8+ hour of fishing (and rain) with my buddy "Jesse"

We had been trying to arrange a trip last season and after cancelling on him twice I almost had to pull the plug a third time as Dustin ran into some serious boat issues.. but instead of cancelling I loaded up my little boat and we put it to the test on a windy rainy days

We started the day out by pounding some slop looking for a morning frog bite.. When the fish refused to co-operate I broke out my trusty spinner-bait and handed one to Jesse. Although he had never fished one, he caught on quick, the below fish is not only his first bass of 2013, but it is also his first ever spinnerbait fish..

The spinnerbait bite proved to be the ticket for the majority of the morning, it was not hard to find a pattern, It was all about covering water and burning your bait over submerged weed lines or pockets.. the below is a collection of our spinnerbait action

As the cover got heavier I would  move to flipping a tube, these El Grande Lures tubes have been the ticket for me so far this year.

Even with a nice spinnerbait bite going on, I had to keep at the frogs, we worked back bay after back bay and were only awarded with a few blow-ups and even fewer fish.

Finally after paying some dues I managed a few good frog bites and landed two of the days bigger fish. here is a collection of our frog adventures...

One of the reasons I spent so much time on frog water was that I was that I needed to do some on water testing for an upcoming "Top Toad Review" (below). Jesse on the other hand spend some time with one of his fav's the Worlds best bass frog (above).. he has put that thing through some wars, and it looks pretty beat up (and blind)

All in all we had a pretty awesome day, we managed 20+ fish, and to stay dry.. with the heavy winds we nearly drained the trolling motor battery and I though me may have to paddle back.. but we made it

Below are a few more pics from the weekend that was.. The first two are from Sunday morning, I got up nice and early (6am) to do some fishing in the marina prior to people and boats stirring things up.. the fog made all that more relaxing

 This last pic is just a fun pic of a "dead bait" pile that is building up in the boat. How many can you name?

Weapons of Choice

War Eagle Screaming Eagle spinnerbait was thrown on a Dobyns DX744 paired with a Daiwa Zillion reel. Diawa Samurai braid line.

Stanley Ribbit Top Toad was throw using a Dobyns 736c paired with a Daiwa Lexa 300 reel. The line of choice was SunLine FX2 frog line

El Grande Lures Tubes were flipped using a Dobyns 734c paired with a Daiwa Lexa 100 reel. 1/4oz to 5/16oz Elite Tungsten weights and Trokar 2oz EWG hooks

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