Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Quinte Bass Champs 2013 Results

The 2nd Annual Quinte Bass Champs event took place this past weekend on the great Bay of Quinte, and as in 2012 the event the organizers out did themselves by once again bringing a well organized, highly competitive, and fun event to the anglers of Ontario. Over 170 teams took to the water looking to cash in on one of the hourly $1000 big fish prizes.

This tournament has quickly become my favourite event of the tournament season, and although highly disappointed that I had to pull out due to work obligations, I would be remiss by not sharing the final results with the masses. Here is a recap of the prize break down and the hourly winners:

The Payout:

This event is simple, hourly cash prizes are given for the big fish. The biggest fish each hour is worth $1,000 with second place being worth $500 and 3rd place worth $250. The turn out was so good in 2013 that 4th and 5th place prizes were also added.. Not to mention a "Lunker Boat" prize for the  biggest fish of the day. This years winners were the father and son team of Jim and Zack Van Ryn with an hour 2 lunker that weighed in at 5.47lbs.  Congrats to both of them, and all the winners

 Hour 1 (7am-8am)

1st: 3.62lbs Chris Bridgen & Andy Brison
3rd: 3.39lbs Brandon Bellis & Brad Boldrick
4th: 3.33lbs  Paul McTaggart
5th: 3.17lbs  Mark & Wes Donaldson

Hour 2 (8am-9am)

1st:  5.47lbs Jim & Zac Van Ryn
2nd: 3.94lbs Jeff Kerr & Unknown
3rd:  3.75lbs Brian Hadley & Terry Longstaff
4th:  3.71lbs Peter Tuz & Crystal Rielly
5th:  3.64lbs Murray Henderson

Hour 3 (9am-10am)

1st: 4.61lbs Rob Kennedy & Nick Monger
2nd: 4.49lbs Yu Zhang & Rob Patrico
3rd: 4.45lbs Peter Garnier & Robbie Lafleur
4th: 4.30lbs Ron Ellery & Troy Davis
5th: 4.22lbs  Steve Churman and Bob Young

Hour 4 (10am-11am)

1st: 4.87lbs Lionel Dwyer
2nd: 4.65lbs Tony Lauzon & Bill Landman
3rd: 4.06lbs Yu Zhang & Rob Patrico (this is their 2nd money fish of the day)
4th: 3.87lbs Randy Cronkwright
5th: 3.74lbs Joshua Gilford & TJ McIntosh

Hour 5 (11am-12pm)

1st: 4.93lbs Team 178 (Unknown)
2nd: 4.87lbs Kevin Weir & Mike Laterno
3rd: 4.29lbs Randy Cronkwright (this is Randy's second money fish of the day)
4th: 4.16lbs Mike Tebo & Mike Veryzer
5th: 3.81lbs Ian Patton & Chris Wilson

Hour 6 (12pm-1pm)

1st:  4.67lbs Mike Blair & Bill Shephard
2nd: 4.15lbs Jaimie Walker & Steve Knapp
3rd: 4.07lbs Ted Walker & Josh Rath
4th: 4.05lbs Wally Adams and Paul Shultis
5th: 3.95lbs Mark Stoushton & John Lamour

Hour 7 (1pm-2pm)

1st:  4.51lbs Team 178 (Unknown) - This is Team 178's second $1,000 fish of the day
2nd: 4.31lbs Dan Bisson & Dave Walsh
3rd: 4.20lbs Nick and Konstantinos Christou
4th: 3.94lbs Fab Marchese & Tony Chimirri
5th: 3.91lbs Team 166 - Unknown

Hour 8 (2pm-3pm)

1st:  4.56lbs Team 176 Unknown
2nd: 4.56lbs Jay Martin & Brad Arnot
3rd: 4.51lbs Jeff Toppings & Dave Chong
4th: 4.30lbs Matt Torlee & Terrance Conroy
5th: 4.19lbs Team 172 - Unknown

For those of you trying to do the math, let me break it down for ya.. this year all the winner weights combined for a total of 166.49lbs, and that does not include all the weights that got knocked out, and did not go to the scales at all. The Average hourly weight you needed to hit to place in the money was 4.16lbs, and if your a strategist you may notice that the early hours held the smaller fish, meaning if you have a 4lber early, there is a good chance it would be worth some cash.

Now the long wait till the 2014 Quinte bass champs event, be sure to put it in your calendar as this 170+ team event is getting bigger and better every year

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