Saturday, June 15, 2013

Opening Day 2013 - It's not a holiday, but it should be!

Opening day is like Christmas, your birthday and your wedding day all rolled up into one.. it means new beginnings and a fresh start, no matter how your 2012 season ended, opening day gives you yet another shot at greatness, not matter if that means tournament glory or simply bragging rights between  buddies

Unfortunately for the first time in years, I will not be spending opening day on the water but instead on the convention floor at NIX (Northern Ink Xposure) putting in work as part of my day job with Eikon Device.. but don't feel bad for me because if you have never been to a  Tattoo convention or more importantly a  Tattoo Convention After-Party then you are the one truly missing out

My partner on the water (Dustin) will be hitting the water to compete in one of our favourite events "Quinte Bass Champs" I will be with him in spirit and to be honest he did a pretty good job (and upgraded even) when it comes to replacing me with Karl Kalonka as his partner in crime for the day.. Good luck guys

As usual pics of this event and all of out adventures will be posted all season long, both here and on the New Roads Facebook page, so hold on tight, this is about to get good

welcome to Bass Season 2013


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