Friday, June 21, 2013

Please Welcome: BlackWater Fishing Line (Toray)

With 2013 Bass season now in full swing, Im happy to announce that I will be joining the Blackwater International Fishing Line team. Blackwater strives to bring the highest quality fishing line from around into the word to the North American market, starting off with 'Toray" an extremely high quality line that has been all the rage in Japan for years, but only used by a small number of  American anglers smart enough to give it a test drive.. who then tried to keep it a secret... not anymore

Toray like other Japanese imports (SunLine) focuses on using the highest quality fluorocarbon lines that are designed to be super strong, highly abrasion resistant. yet still make long smooth casts.  Thanks Blackwater, Im excited to get my rods fully spooled up, and start casting

Check out Tackle Tours review on the entire family of "Toray" lines found HERE

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