Friday, November 2, 2012

The Bucket(mouth) List

We all have a life bucket list, the places we want to go, the things we want to do, and the people we want to meet befor we pass on. Well if you had to create your bass fishing version of the bucket list or bucketmouth list as it was, what would you add, where would you go?, who would you fish with? Well here is my bucketmouth list (Top10)

1) Take in ICAST

Lets start out with some pretty small goals, ICAST all I need to do is buy a ticket and book a flight.. it is that easy, and as we all know ICAST is the premiere bass fishing equipment event in the industry, it brings in all the major manufactures as well as the worlds best bass anglers and crams them into one building over a 3 day period.. this i gotta see. Being able to shake hands with some of my fishing Idols and  getting an inside look at the product being released for the next season, maybe even getting the opportunity to take some home and bang out some early reviews!

2) BASSMaster Classic

Before you start laughing I want to clarify that my BassMaster classic goal is to attend the event as a spectator and not a angler.. Unless I can some how get my name on the Make a wish foundation's list there is no way I will be fishing this event (sorry bad joke). The Classic is like the Stanley Cup, the World Series and the Superbowl of fishing all rolled into one, the best of the best compete for the title that we all know is going to KVD anyways, and I want to be there when it does.. for the 8,9 or 10th time. Watching this event on-line is not enough for me, I want to be there to see the crowds, here the roar and watch as the winner raises that trophy.

3) The Big "O": Lake Okeechobee

Ok, now on to some actual fishing. There are hundreds of world class Bass lakes in North America, and we can spend days arguing what lake is the best. But no matter what lake you have in your number one spot Okeechobee wont be far behind.

The Big O is the second largest freshwater lake in the US, and ranges in depth from 1-13ft with an average depth of 9ft. It is the home of Bass fishing's first family the Martins who not only make their home there but also guide on the lake from time to time. This lake is a a dream lake and will give any level of angler the chance to land a double digit large mouth

(Photo from: Audubon of florida)

4) Frog Fishing on Lake Guntersville

As a frog fisherman lake Guntersville has always been on my radar. It is mat heavy and offers good frog (or rat) fishing all season long, even more so in the fall moths. Like OKeechobee, Guntersville is synonymous with big bass that love to eat frogs, and that's my kinda lake.

Snag Proof recently introduced the "Guntersville" frog.. need I say more?

( Photo by: Advanced

5) Fish with Kevin Van Dam

Do I even need to put in an explanation here? I think I would learn more in one afternoon on the water with KVD then would in 3 years fishing solo.  Not to mention from the stories Ive heard told about KVD from Bass Master MC Dave Mercer, he sounds like all around good dude, and funny as hell

6) Fish with Bob Izumi

For my American and European readers, this one may need more of an explanation. For the Canadians this is a no brainer.. Bob Izumi is the most recognizable Canadian angler bar none,  an accomplished tournament angler and TV host Bob has helped put Canada on the Bass fishing map. His TV show "Real Fishing" has been on the air since the early 80"s and was one I watched religiously as a child . I can safely say Bob and his show have introduce more children to fishing then any other program and all his work in the industry continues to help advance Bass fishing in Canada. I have met Bob a few times, but have never had the honour of sharing a boat with him, it would be an honour

7) Fish El Salto Lake

There use to be a great little tackle shop that I would wander through a couple times a month looking for new gear, and on the back wall of the shop they had these two gigantic mounted bass, one at just over 10lbs and the other just over 12. I use to stand in awe of these fish and one day asked the owner where he caught them.. 'El Salto" was the answer and to this day I have not been able to get that lake out of my head.

(Photo from:

8) Fish the Kingston Canadian Open

There are a lot of great tournament series in Ontario, but two events stand alone as the premiere events of each season. The Kingston Canadian open and the Bass Pro Shop Lake Simcoe Open. Being that i live and fish in Kingston, I kinda have a slight bias here.

The Kingston Canadian open is a Pro/Am event that pairs some of Canada and the US's top anglers with an amateur still trying to make their name. This 4 day event is always filled with huge bags of smallies and offers the winner between $40,000 to $60,000 depending on the field. As an amateur you can get your hands on some nice cash or the boat package usually reserved for 1st place. I have always wanted to test my luck (and nerve) at this event, and each year I take a long hard look at the sign up sheet and the $750 it costs to enter. One year I will put pen to paper, and get the chance to fish with the big boys and maybe make a name for myself

9)  Own a Ranger

There is always some kind of prestige that comes along with owning a luxury vehicle. I'm not a car guy, so I don't need a Lexus or a Porsche.. but I do need a Ranger, and the $50,000 or so it will take to purchase one. I cant see this happening in the near future, as I have some other plans that all so call for my time and my money but I guess I'm kinda lucky, my tournament partner owns a Ranger so I get the privilege of fishing out of one all season long, and at times it feels like mine ( I shouldn't say that out loud or he may start asking for monthly payments) One day I'm hoping I can park a Ranger in my driveway and call it mine.

10) Retire & start a Fishing Lodge (in the Kawarthas)

One day down the road, (probably a ways down) I think the ultimate dream would be to find a nice scenic piece of land in the kawarthas and set up a fishing lodge. Yes I know that area is infested with such places, but it is my home and it is where I learned to fish so what better place to settle down. This small Lodge would be like an anglers B&B (bed & breakfast) that even included guide services when required and of course fish tales by the fire. Cooking and fishing are two passions in my life (leave the cleaning the to wife, Lol) and feel I have a lot to offer as a host. The goal would be to find a lake that is fishable year round, I love to Bass fish and you would be hard pressed to find a more passionate ice fisherman so being able to teach people both these wonderful sports is a must.. I can dream cant I

There you have it, my Bucketmouth list as it stand in 2012, I hope by getting this down in writing it will help motivate me to get it done in life. My goals are not crazy, and each one of them resonates in my life motto...

"Fish Life to it's Fullest"


Note: The top image "bucket list" was borrowed from and their 1000 things to do before you die (wow and I only have 10)

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  1. Let me know when you begin number 10, I'll be a customer! Great post, enjoyed it much. I'd have to say that I'd enjoy most of those myself if not all of them, but would also have to add a trip to the Amazon for peacock bass :)