Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dobyns Tip of the Month: Fall Fishing by Chris Cox

The Dobyns Tip of the Month for  November 2012 comes from FLW Everstart angler Chris Cox out of North Carolina

Fall fishing is in full swing. Water temps are falling, leaves are on the water and the fish are biting. This is the time to pull out your crankbait rods. Bass are gorging themselves on shad, preparing for winter, which makes a crankbait very effective. I generally use crankbaits that closely resemble a shad, in color and profile, with Silver Foil/Black being my favorite color. If the water is stained, use a Chartreuse/Black plug. Starting mid-way in a major creek and working towards the back is usually a good plan of attack. I use a Champion 684CB for small cranks like a Rapala #5 Shad Rap, and a Champion 705CB Glass for squarebills like the Strike King KVD 1.5 and lipless crankbaits like the Red Eye Shad. Cover water fast until you figure out what type of structure and depth the fish are keying on, then slow down and work the structure/depth more thoroughly. Also, keep an eye out for shad flicking and bass busting shad. Both of these are good signs that there is bait and actively feeding fish in the area. Get your Dobyns CB rods out, get cranking, and post photos of your catch! Good luck and good fishing!

To learn more about Chris, you can check out his FLW angler bio HERE  and to keep up to date on everything Dobyns, check out their Facebook page

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