Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dustin's Corner: Top 5 from 2012

Well another year has almost past, it was excellent year on and off the water with lots of fish caught, and some new baits added to the tackle box.

Here goes my top 5 picks from the 2012 Season.

1. Live Target Hard Body Walking Frog

You may have seen me talk about this bait last year, well when I wear out several of them; it is something that I am going to use again this year with adding several more to the tackle box.  Our first tournament Rob and I did at the Quinte Bass Champs, I tossed this frog and first cast was almost a 4lb Largie, Once again, the frog strikes them.  The only tip I am going to say about the frog is that DON’T change the hooks, the Diachi hooks that come with it make the frog perform the way it should, and those hooks work awesome.  I tried a different hook on the frog and the performance changed and it was not the same.

Rating: 9 out 10

BJ's Comments: I can't argue with a man and his frog, Dustin slayed them all season long with the live target frog, so much so I did not use mine once.. But if you want to get him going ask him about the first tournment of the season and how well his switched out  trokars held up

2. Strike King KVD Sexy Dawg!

This is a new lure that I tried out!  The real first time that I tossed this lure was on a little lake in Madoc, that is notorious for catching big muskie and pike.  Well they didn’t have a hope in hell with how the smallmouth were smashing at this bait! I have never seen smallies literally shark attack a bait like this before in my life.  In one hour I caught over 15 smallmouth, and the biggest around a 3.5lber!  Ya its not huge, but when you catch them like that its just straight fun fishing, and how they came out of the water on it, I only wish I had a video camera to show the craziness!

Rating: 8 out of 10 (still figuring out this lure for other applications)

BJ's Comments: If you or your tournament partner plan on throwing a "sexydawg" be sure to bring your ear plugs, this bait is loud.. crazy loud

3.  Strike King Rodent

A good friend put me onto these rodent lures, and once he showed me a few tips and tricks, it didn’t take long to see some results coming out of them.  Once again another lure that I tried out this year for the first time, and it took a little work to get use to the action of them, and how to work the lure, but once that was down pat, the fish started coming into the boat.  The lure has the design of a creature/rodent bait, and can be worked and just about all applications from flipping docks,slop,pads,grass or just even bouncing the bottom with it.  Still have some learning to do with it, but thanks to my buddy KK, I am sure this lure will pay off for me next year! 

Rating: 8 out of 10 (once again still learning this new lure) 


4.     Power Team Lures Hammer Shad

Well this is the first year that I have ever used a drop shot rig, a little skeptical at first, and had to figure out how to fish this bait and applications for it, I was very nervous.  It took a few times out fishing with it, trying different depths and different lakes, and once I started to figure it out, it started working for me, and did I ever have fun with this bait this summer.  In one evening I got 2 smallies back to back that both weighed between the 3.5-4lb mark.  Also caught many of other fish on different lakes with this bait, and even largies were taking at it as well, and the occasional walleye! 
 Rating: 9 out of 10
BJ's Comments: I gotta give credit where credit is due, Power Team has been churning out some serious baits, nice pick Dustin, they definently have a home in my arsenal

5.  Berkley Pit Boss Havoc

This is a bait that I have used now for almost 2 years, and yet another top choice in my tackle box!  I have used this bait as well for flipping docks,logs,weeds, just about anything out there, and with its action of a craw fish to a creature bait moving through the water it makes the bass turn and attack at it.  The only down fall about this lure is how easy the tails rip off, however that is fishing!  But everything else about this bait works awesome. 
Rating: 9 out of 10
BJ's Comments: Dustin is not one to give up our color selections but you know me, Im all about sharing. If you are looking to give the PitBoss a run, go Vampire all the way

Well that’s it for the moment, as the year is coming to an end, I will be only getting out on the water before it becomes ice.  Look for more reviews on what I have learned this summer, and tips and tricks that go with it.
  - Dustin Lemmon

BJ's Comments: Nice Job Dustin, and again welcome to BJFA.. dont worry we wont give you too hard of a time for not taking your own pics!

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