Sunday, October 28, 2012

RadioWolrd Ice Fishing Seminar 2012 - GO!

If you are looking to improve you ice fishing knowledge and skill, you dont want to miss out on Radioworlds  4th Annual Ice Fishing Seminar and Sale. This really is the best place to fill your brain all you need to know about ice fishing.. tips, techniques and gear.

I attended the first and 3rd annual shows and Im looking forward to taking in this years seminar. Im always blown away by the caliber of speaker that the Radioworld crew are able to drum up, they included some of Ontario's best ice anglers and reps from all the major players.

If I haven't mentioned it already this show is FREE, yeah you heard it right FREE, as an angler always willing to learn and grow I will say that I have paid admission fees of $60 and more to take in seminars the caliber of the RadioWorld show and the fact that they still offer it from free is amazing

If you are interested in taking in this years show click HERE and drop the RadioWorld team a line to register. The guest list will continue to grow as we get closer to show time, but book now as it was a sold out house last year

I did'nt even tell you about all the free gear they give away during the show (and food). I hope to see you there and on the ice this season

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