Friday, November 30, 2012

Bass Season 2012.. Comes to a close (Ontario)

This time of year we are all calendar watching, there is only 21 days left until the world ends, or 31 days till  the year ends (you know, in case the Mayans were wrong) and in-between those dates you have Christmas, and Boxing day.. so November 30th may just seem like yet another day on the calendar, but not to us Bass Fisherman in Ontario, as Nov 30th marks the end of the 2012 fishing season.

2012 was a good year on the water, not only did Dustin and I complete our second full season as tournament anglers, but we also added some new events in the mix (like the Quinte Bass Champs). We expect more of the same in 2013 as we continue to branch out and wet a line in new events, testing the water so to speak. When not in a tournament I spent the season on my home lake (Dog Lake) as well as various lakes I have fallen in love with over the years. Although we call this "fishing for fun" the competitive grind is always there as I constantly try to improve my own skills or beat up on a friend.

2013 is just around the corner and like 2012 I hope to start my season super early by crossing the boarder and doing some May fishing in NY state on lake Erie as well as other lakes. When back in Canada it looks like we all might get some extra time as the Ministry of Natural resources is kicking around the idea of opening Bass season 1 week early.. hey it's only a week, but I'll take.

Yes today is a sad day, and the void left can only be filled by the fact that ice fishing is just around the corner. I hope you keep checking in with us over the off season, as I don't plan to slow down any, there will be bass news, product insight and of course ice fishing

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