Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fishing Pigeon Lake - 2014 Photo Journal

The Ontario 2014 Bass Season kicked off this past weekend, and thankfully I got an opportunity to hit the water with a buddy (Kenny) to do some fishing on a lake that I have not fished in well over 5 years.

Pigeon lake is a very shallow fishery that leaves the bass little to no room to hide, yet unfortunately they seemed up to the challenge and Kenny and I managed only 8-10 fish between us.. some were small and others were smaller.. oh well, it was great to get out and kick off the season.. here is a short photo journal of Trip2/Lake2 of the 2014 bass season

Pigeon lake is a shallow anglers dream, loaded with undercut banks and more pads then a frog fisherman can even dream of. Kenny was gracious enough to plan the trip around my love of frog fishing so we packed lightly and started the day on some banks prior to moving to the pads

The first fish of the day came while flipping some banks, I was breaking in my Gambler Why Not bait and was happy that this little dude co-operated. First fish in the books

After failing to get more bank fish to co-operate we moved into the slop/pads, in search of some frog fish. The pads seemed pretty empty on this 24degree day with bluebird skies and we worked our way through two large sections without a single blow-up.. so it was time to move again

Once we moved a bit further south I hooked into two frog fish on back to back casts.. the day was looking up, or so we thought.. two more large sections later and not one more fish was boated.

Not ones to give up, Kenny made the call to head north and look for some slightly deeper water. We made the trek up the lake only to find that an algae bloom had severely stained the water on the north end.. a drastic change from the gin clear water on the south end. Still we dug out our jig rods and put in some work. After an hour with not luck, I switch up to a reactions innovation Skinny Dipper and quickly hooked into another small fish.. yep, time to move again.

 Out last stop of the day was one more long section of bank. With the sun now high in the sky and the temps reaching the high 20's we were sure the fish would be running for cover.. wrong again, although we manages two more fish, the one pictured above is the only one with any size to it, and that size is still small.

Trip Counter:   Trip1/Lake1 - Pigeon Lake

Weapons of Choice:

Dobyns DX746 w/ Daiwa Lexa - Spro Bronzeye Shad Frog

Dobyns 734C w/ Daiwa Tatula - Gamble Why Not

Dobyns DX744 w/ Daiwa Zillion - Reactions Innovation Skinny Dipper

Dobyns 735C w/ Daiwa Tatula - BassTek Jig

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