Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Father & Son Fishing Weekend - Dog Lake 2014

The second trip of the  2014 season was my 3rd annual Father/Son Weekend with my Dad and my younger brother.. the one in the leopard print (ouch). Each summer we get to spend two days fishing together, one day in the boat and the second day from shore.

On Saturday we fought the heat and blue bird skies on Dog Lake. The fishing was tough, but as always we spent more time trying to out do each other and of course make fun of each other

I gave my father his first bait caster this past Christmas, and this was his first time getting to use it on the water. Once I walked him through the adjustment capabilities he picked it up pretty quickly and managed to not create any major birds nests.. I on the other hand completely screwed one of my combos.

 As always I landed the first fish of the day on my trusty BassTek jig, this takes the pressure off, as we play the ultimate fishing game.. first fish, most fish and biggest fish.. of those three there is only one category you can't loose once you have it and thats first fish.

 My little brother is still working on the patience side of fishing, and spends way to much time changing baits..after a few casts with no bites he wants to switch things up..  he also often makes bad choices, as you can see he is about tie on a banjo minnow. NO Don't do it!

It was a weird day on the lake and I couldn't nail down a pattern. I caught my first couple fish on a jig, but when the bite died off so I moved to a Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper, first cast equalled first fish.. and I thought YES, but after a good 45 minutes without a mother sniff, it was time to move on

Even with the slower bite it was a beautiful day on the water. If you have never fished Dog lake you are missing out on a nice fishery with a great view.

My brothers first fish of the day came on a Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper un-weighted and thrown into the slop like it was a frog bait.. this little dude ate it up fast.. and my brother was hooked on Skinny dippers for the rest of the day.. again please try to  ignore his leopard print shirt and if you can, you are a better person than I am. 


The biggest fish of the day came on a frog in the pads,  while we awaited the boats from a local tournament that had caused a bit of a back-up at the ramp.. I've learned to take advantage of these times and kept fishing while my dad and brother took a break, the result was this fish at just under 3-lbs, securing me the day 1 trifecta of First Fish, Most Fish and Biggest Fish

Day 2 I took my brother and Father to a few local shore line haunts. Again the fishing was tough but with some hard work we did manage a few fish.

Being familiar with the area I knew exactly where I wanted my first cast to land, and immediately hooked into this little guy.. the splashing water had my Father shaking his head.. first fish was mine again

This has been a weird spring/summer for shoreline fishing, the carp are still in the shallows are are not moving out as the day wears on. This is making a mess of the weeds and making it hard to find already spooked fish. You really have to work pockets and look for the areas that the carp are not calling home

I caught my day 2 fish all while flipping Berkley Havoc Rocket Craws, I really like the slow fall of this bait not to mention it is pretty tuff and holds up well

 That's it for another Father & Son fishing weekend. Since this is the first time that neither of them bought any live worms, I like to think I'm helping them learn and grow as anglers.. all the while still kicking their asses

Trip Counter:   Trip2/Lake2 - Dog Lake

Weapons of Choice:

Dobyns DX744 - Daiwa Zillion - Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper - VMC Swimbait Hooks
Dobyns DX746 - Daiwa Lexa - Nories NF60 Frog
Dobyns 734C - Daiwa Tatula - BassTek Jig - Berkley Havoc Pit Chunk Trailer
Dobyns 734C - Daiwa Tatula - Berkley Havoc Rocket Craw

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