Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dobyns October Tip of the Month: Patrick Bone

The Dobyns Rods tip of the month for October comes from FLW angler Patrick Bone. It's hard to argue with a man holding an FLW trophy (even harder when it came with a $25,000 cheque).

Here is Patricks fall tip:

October is a time that fish will move up shallow. I like to go after fish that are sitting under the docks. When it comes to skipping docks the right rod is everything. It has to have enough tip and yet enough backbone to get the fish out from under the docks. I prefer a 7 footer like a 704C or a 705C. Lately I have been using a 735C and it is great. When I skip a jig under the docks I thread a small piece of plastic worm onto my jig before I put on the chunk. A piece that measures about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch gets the job done. This piece will prevent your chunk sliding up the shank of the hook when skipping the jig under the dock. Good luck and good skipping.

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