Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Fishing: Photo Journal

The calendar has officially flipped over to read "October" and with it Fall fishing is in full swing. This last weekend of September was gorgeous, so I took some time out from a buys work schedule to hit the water and take in those amazing fall colours.

Originally this post was going to be all about fall fishing, the baits to use, the baits to avoid and how to find fish during this early fall transition.. but I was blown away by the sights and sounds of Fall and decided to switch things up and post this photo journal from my day on the water (It does not help that the bite was tough either)

This pics where taken on Dog Lake and Loughborough lake just outside of Kingston, Ontario.

As I mentioned the bite was tuff today. I was able to pull in a few fish, but none with any real size to them. This little guy was the first fish of the day, so he had to pose for a photo op

One bait that always calls them in during the Fall transition is the good ol' Ratl' trap, and since the colors of this baby blend well with the soundings I thought I would include it as part of the Fall scenery 

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